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World’s Best Hikes

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Are you a hiking enthusiast in search of new trails? In this article, we highlight the world’s 30 best hikes, including 15 day-hikes and 15 multi-day hikes. The earth is full of incredible mountain landscapes and nature waiting to be discovered. Hiking is a great way to explore this breathtaking scenery sustainably.

This article covers hikes all around the world with varying levels of difficulty. We have completed most of these ourselves, while others were suggested and highly praised by fellow hikers. Before you set off on your journey, don't forget to check out our hiking gear and essentials recommendations.

Check out our video of Angels Landing to get a taste of one of the best hikes in the world!

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World’s best day hikes

1. Laguna de los Tres, Argentina

Location: El Chaltén, Patagonia

Distance: 20km (13mi)

Time: 6-8 hours

Difficulty: Easy-moderate

Best time to go: October to March

world's best day hike is laguna de los tres
Laguna Sucia and Mt. Fitz Roy in the background

Located near the remote town of El Chaltén, Mount Fitz Roy is one of the most iconic peaks in the world. The “Laguna de Los Tres” hike is the one that brings you closest to the foot of this awe-inspiring mountain. The trail starts from the town itself and is clearly marked and well-maintained. It passes through lush forests and open fields, with beautiful views of the Fitz Roy massif. While most of the elevation gain is gradual, the final 1.5 km (0.93mi) are pretty steep and occasionally icy. At the top, you’ll be welcomed by more than just the turquoise glacial Laguna de Los Tres. You’ll also find the dark blue Laguna Sucia to your left and a few more lakes when looking back over the valley.

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2. Trolltunga, Norway

Location: 3 hours from Bergen, Western Norway

Distance: 28 km (17.4 miles) out and back

Time: 8-12 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Best time to go: June-September

Trolltunga in Norway is one of the world's best hikes

One of Norway’s most popular and scenic hikes is Trolltunga. The troll’s tongue, a thin silver rock formation, is the end destination and the main reason why hikers come here. Not only is it incredibly photogenic, but it’s also a thrilling experience to stand on a rock 700 meters (2296.59 foot) above Ringedalsvatnet lake! Along the trail, you’ll also be rewarded with phenomenal views of snow-capped mountains and lakes. The hike is long and demanding, but the elevation is what makes it doable in a day.

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3. Puez-Odle Altopiano, Italy

Location: Dolomites, Italy

Distance: 14.5km (9mi)

Time: 6-8 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Best time to go: June-September

gorgeous Puez Odle Altopiano hike in the dolomites

With their jagged peaks and magnificent views, the Dolomites in Italy are the perfect playground for hiking enthusiasts. The Puez-Odle Altopiano is a jaw-dropping hike from start to finish. In summer, you can take the cable car from the town of Selva di Val Gardena up into the mountains, which shaves off about 700meters (2,296ft) of elevation. From there, you’re walking through fields of wildflowers, with views over the town, the alpine meadows, and spectacular rock formations. The descent is heavy on the knees as you’ll go down for 1,100meters (3,608ft). But on the bright side, you end at a different location than you started from.

world's best hiking in the dolomites italy book

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4. Lake O’Hara Alpine Circuit, Canada

Location: Yoho National Park, Canada

Distance: 12.5 km (7.76 mi)

Time: 6.5-7 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Best time to go: Mid-July to the end of September

World's best day hike in Canada, lake o'hara
View from Opabin Plateau

Lake O’Hara is one of the best well-kept secrets of the Canadian Rockies. Home to turquoise lakes, rugged mountain peaks, and wildflower-filled meadows, this area boasts a number of amazing day hikes. Nonetheless, the Alpine Circuit is undoubtedly the most popular and scenic one, offering gorgeous viewpoints of the breathtaking Lake O’Hara and Lake Oesa. The Lake O’Hara region is largely protected by Parks Canada, which also limits the number of daily visitors, making it a true pristine hiking destination!

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5. Tongariro Alpine Crossing, New Zealand

Location: Tongariro National Park, North Island of New Zealand

Distance: 19.4 km (12mi)

Time: 6-8 hours

Difficulty: Strenuous

Best time to go: November-end of April

tongariro hike in new zealand is one of the world's best

This thru-hike is truly one of a kind as it passes through volcanic terrain, with old lava fields, an active volcano, and giant calderas. The last eruption was as recent as 2012 when the Te Maari crater erupted on the northern side of the volcano. But besides its volcanic activity, Tongariro is also famous for its appearance in the ‘Lord of the Rings’. This being said, it is a strenuous day-hike with rewarding views once you reach the summit. You’ll be able to see the renowned Mt. Doom, several bright green thermal pools, and the Red Crater. You can also get up close to the thermal pools, but be aware of the strong sulfur smell!

world's best hiking new zealand guide

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6. Sentinel peak, South Africa

Location: Drakensberg, South Africa

Distance: 11.7km (7.2mi)

Time: 5-7 hours

Difficulty: Strenuous

Best time to go: November to March

world's best hike in south africa

Also called the “amphitheater” or “chain ladder” hike, Sentinel Peak offers some of the most dramatic views you’ll ever see in your life. Not only does the hiking trail offer breathtaking views of immense green valleys, but also of the world’s second-highest waterfall, the Tugella Falls. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be encountering wild baboons and shepherds from nearby Lesotho on the trail. However, this hike comes at a price… certain sections of the trail are in a rough shape with steep drop-offs. And there is one part in particular that isn’t for the faint of heart: climbing two 15 meters (50-foot) tall chain ladders that scale up a cliff-face. Luckily the views from the plateau make it worth the sweat!