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Traveler stories
Study Abroad MGB


"After living in different places with my classmates and traveling by myself, I realized I loved the lifestyle and meeting new people."

Love is not tourism story feature

Shira & Carles

"After finally reuniting after 6 months of COVID-19 travel bans, we now know one thing for sure: love always wins."

Love is not tourism story

Angela & Julian

"During the COVID-19 travel bans, we learned that patience, communication, and trust are key in an international relationship."

Travel Nursing Story

Kristen & Sam

"Travel nursing in general has opened our eyes and shown us that even in your own country, you can have great travel experiences.”

Volunteering Abroad in Nepal


"There are so many life lessons to be learned from volunteering abroad. One of my key learnings was that we are all the same."

travel story


“After working with National Geographic and UNESCO World Heritage, I’ve learned that people world-wide have good hearts”

Traveling in Jamaica


“Talking to community members taught me the value of having real conversations with people who live in the countries I visit.”

traveling abroad


“Studying abroad in Canada, The Netherlands and Peru unlocked a new version of me that I never met before. And I liked him.”

traveling in mexico story


"After a year in Mexico, I learned that the more you travel and discover the world, the richer your own knowledge becomes."

Peru travel story


“In Peru, I came to appreciate all of the practices that the Incan people cultivated to co-exist with their natural environment”

Traveler story for Anthea


“I remember driving along the fjords... being able to live in a place like this is just amazing, but does come with its challenges!”

Travel story from the world


"After traveling to over 40+ countries, I've become more open-minded and learned social skills I never would've gained elsewhere"

Travel story Italy


“In Italy, I learned there are many ways to do things and the way I was raised to do things in the U.S. is just one of the ways”

Image by Toa Heftiba


Life-changing travel experiences told by real people

Everyone is impacted by travel, but the scope and size of impact always differ. Hence, it is important to hear different perspectives on how travel can change you.


We interviewed fellow travelers with various travel experiences and from all over the world. They shared their unique stories. Whether it was working abroad, studying, volunteering, or simply traveling, they all learned something new and grew from the experience.

Our hope is that these traveler stories inspire you to get out and explore the world for yourself. Through whatever method works for you. We believe any type of travel experience has the power to positively influence your life forever and we want everyone to be able to experience that!

Have an inspiring story from your own travels? We would love to feature you! Contact us below.

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