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With our brand, World Wild Hearts, we aim to inspire life-changing travel experiences. The informative content on our website and in our YouTube videos help fellow travelers to have unique travel experiences, whether that is a spectacular hiking trip or a quick getaway. 


With a reach of 1,000,000+ people monthly on our YouTube channel and website combined, we work with brands that share our mission and values. We highly value authenticity and credibility with our audience.

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We can increase awareness through our digital storytelling. People mainly find our destination and hiking videos through search results. That means we have high watch time, viewer retention, and our audience cares about what they're watching.

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Press Trips

Looking to promote your destination? We're open to working with authentic organizations who believe in sustainable travel. If you're the tourism agency of a country, province, state, city, or town and have these values, we want to work with you.

Example Of A Video Partnership

We were on a month-long trip around Egypt exploring the temples, ruins, and Red Sea. When we got to Cairo, we met a few people who recommended going to the White Desert. It was a mysterious and intriguing place. After scanning the internet for how to get there, how much tours would cost, and what to expect, we couldn't find reliable information. Luckily, we got connected to a tour guide named Waheed with Western Desert Safari. He set us up with everything and guided us through a fully personalized and private experience through the ancient White Desert. On top of that, he was one of the friendliest people we had ever met on our travels. After the trip was over, we created a YouTube video about the trip including all of the relevant information people needed to know (the things that we struggled to find ourselves online). We also recommended Waheed and Western Desert Safari as the tour to book with if anyone else is planning on visiting the White Desert. This is because we truly believed it was the best tour available based on our own personal experience. You can watch the video for yourself below.

What other people said about the video

Since the video was published, it has consistently ranked in the top spot on YouTube when people search "White Desert Egypt". This is thanks to our in-depth SEO strategy and the high quality of the video. Since people find it by searching, it means they are already finding the video with an intent to go there themselves (and potentially book a tour of their own). We've received tons of positive YouTube comments about the video from people planning to go there as well as about Waheed's services after they have taken the tour themselves.

youtube review

Katrin H.

Dear Zac&Ine, we have been in the White Desert with Waheed, I found him via your link, 10 days before. We loved it, it was magical. We can highly recommend to go with Waheed, everything worked out perfect via whatsapp. I travelled a lot and saw a lot - White Desert is one of my top 3 places, it was so amazing. Thanks for recommending Waheed, he made the trip even better. All the best, I am looking forward to your next videos! Katrin

review of safari trip

Floyd A.

We also went with Waheed on a similar trip through the white desert and I cant recommend it enough. Not only is the white desert a magical place, Waheed made our stay a special one. He arranged a full itinerary, transport, fun activities, delicious food, campfire music and great company. Definitely hit him up when you are in Egypt!

review of sponsorship

Marko T.

We also spent 3 days with Waheed in May 2022, and it is my favorite adventure so far. Waheed really tried to make our trip special and pleasant and I am thankful for that. I am thinking of doing some similar (or same) tour when I am back in Egypt one day. Best regards to Waheed!

travel sponsorship review

Filippo P.

How lucky we are!? Many of us had the opportunity to meet this incredible human being, Waheed, thanks to your video! We are so grateful guys, we travel a lot, but the night in the desert under the sky, under the milky way, was something unique. And of course, he was the perfect companion and funny teacher to deeply understand all those informations. We just came back home so we are even more nostalgic, thanks again for the advise, next year we would like to go again for longer period, in order to make some of the 5 Oasis Fillo & Viky ️ #WaheedTribe #Inshallah

What Waheed said about working with us

Don't just take our word for it. Listen to what Waheed himself had to say about his experience working with us. He sent us this voice note a month or so after the video was released. And we were very happy to hear of his success!

WaheedWestern Desert Safari
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First, download our media kit. Here, you'll find all of the specific packages we offer for companies to partner with us. It also includes pricing. If you see a potential fit for your organization, we would love to hear from you!

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