With our brand, World Wild Hearts, we aim to inspire life-changing travel experiences. The content on our website and in our YouTube videos help fellow travelers to have unique travel experiences, whether that is a spectacular hiking trip or a quick getaway. 


With a reach of 450,000+ people monthly on our YouTube channel and website combined, we work with (travel) brands that share our mission and brand values. See the many ways how we can work together below to promote your brand, destination and/or product.

How can we work together?

Travel and Hiking Video Guides
Content creation 

Make your content stand out by hiring us to create high-quality video content and get your brand's message across. We are experienced videographers with a passion for everything travel. Whether you are a hotel, tour company, or destination agency! We have our own equipment (Canon EOS 80D, GoPro Hero 8, and DJI Mavic Mini) to film and are experts in editing with Final Cut Pro. 

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Brand promotion 

Partner with us to promote your brand, destination and/or product. We can increase awareness through our digital storytelling. We can promote you on our YouTube channel, website, e-mail list, or social media. We only accept partnerships, sponsorships, and press trips that align with the mission of our travel brand. We highly value authenticity and credibility with our audience.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters
Guest posts 

We are always looking to add more voices, opinions, stories, and tips to this website. That's why we accept guest posts that fit with our current content areas (world's best, traveler stories, etc). We have worked with a few marketing agencies and individuals in the past who wrote an article for our website. It's an easy way to retrieve a backlink to your own brand or blog. A small fee applies.  

Interested in working together?
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