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Hi adventurer! We are Zac and Ine, life and business partners in crime. We met five years ago in our tri-continental Master's Program, eager to study and explore the world. After a crazy journey through Canada, the Netherlands, and Peru, we realized how travel experiences shaped our lives positively. We broadened our horizons by discovering new cultures and landscapes. Most importantly, we learned that travel brings together people from all around the world, forming connections we never thought was possible. This trip was LIFE-CHANGING. We want everyone to be able to experience that. We want to inspire everyone to travel and explore our beautiful world! With that idea in mind, World Wild Hearts was born... 

About world wild hearts
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"To help you plan the trip of your dreams"

The content on our website and YouTube channel is meant to inspire and help you to travel and create lifelong memories. Our nomadic lifestyle means we travel slow and immerse ourselves in new countries and cultures. This 'slow travel' allows us to have authentic experiences abroad and gain a complete understanding of destinations. We share this knowledge in our videos and blogs, whether it's about a specific country, city, or hike. You can use this information and tips to make informed decisions about your own adventure.

Our Mission
Our Team


Zac Andrus


Co-owner, webdesign, filming, video-editing

Zac is from Washington State in the US. He has a passion for traveling, sports, and videos. He has a Master's Degree in Global Business and an undergrad degree in international business with a heavy focus on marketing. He has 7+ years of working experience in marketing, web design, and client engagement. He also has his own web design business Zac Andrus Creative

​Favorite country

Turkey for its diversity and Namibia for its open landscapes and pure freedom!

I travel for

A deeper understanding of the world we live in.

My life-changing trip

Studying in Canada, the Netherlands and Peru for my Master's Program. 

On my bucket list

New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Palau

I want to go back to

The Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa.

Ine Vandenwyngaert


Co-owner, SEO, script writing, social media

Ine is from Belgium. She has a passion for traveling and art. She has a Master's degree in Global Business and an undergrad in International Tourism Management. She has lived abroad multiple times for more than 6 months (Canada, the Netherlands, US). She considers herself to be a global nomad. She'll be wherever her heart is at the moment. 

​Favorite country

India, Argentina, Indonesia, Turkey, Laos ... lots of places I loved so far

I travel for

Having new experiences, exploring incredible nature, and learning about new cultures. 

My life-changing trip

My first time traveling solo... I was studying Spanish in Costa Rica.

On my bucket list

Australia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, New Zealand, Philippines, and Nepal

I want to go back to

India because I barely scratched the surface when I traveled there for 6 weeks.

Our travels


Click a destination to watch our videos or read our blogs from that part of the world

Travel Timeline

  • 2018: We studied for our Master's program in Canada, the Netherlands, and Peru. We each traveled to various countries during the program, but individually (Ine mainly around South America and Zac around Europe). 

  • 2019: We lived in Canada for a year. We were based in Victoria and traveled around Vancouver Island, the mainland of B.C., and the Canadian Rockies.

  • 2020: We started our year in Belgium, Kenya, Namibia, and South Africa. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we ended up back in Canada for the rest of the year. We based ourselves in the Canadian Rockies during the summer.

  • 2021: We spent our first months with family in Washington (US). We also went on a road trip to the Southwest (Arizona, Nevada, and Utah). Afterwards, we traveled to Mexico for 2.5 months. We explored the Yucatan Peninsula and Chiapas. In June, we came back to Washington (US) and went on a road trip around the West Coast (California, Oregon, and Washington). In August, we finally were able to get to Europe. We mainly stayed in Belgium but also went on a trip to Greece and Sweden. Mid-October we headed to Turkey for 2.5 months. 

  • 2022: To kick off the new year, we traveled Egypt for about 6 weeks. We had a great time visiting the ancient temples and learning all about one of the most fascinating histories in the world. After about 2 months exploring the US (and officially getting married in Las Vegas), we headed to Portugal. In Portugal, we visited the Algarve Coast and some of the most famous cities of the country for about one month. Then, we visited Belgium for about 3 weeks to attend weddings, festivals, and do short trips (to Luxembourg!). In mid-July, we finally made it to Norway (we were talking about this for years!). We first stayed two weeks with our friends in Bergen, before going on a two-week road trip to the Lofoten in the north. At the end of August, we flew to Albania and spent 5 weeks traveling around. Afterwards, we crossed the border into the tiny country of Montenegro, where we road tripped for another 2 weeks. We continued our Balkans road trip to the neighboring country of Croatia where we explored many historical old towns such as Dubrovnik and beautiful nature. Next, we visited Scotland. Although it was one of the worst months to visit weather-wise (November), we had a great time hitting the pub scene in Edinburgh and hiking on the Isle of Skye. Coming towards the end of the year, we spent one month in Morocco, exploring some off-the-beaten path zones as well as the historical city of Marrakech.

  • 2023: This year started off with a bang! Zac had never traveled to Asia before, so we thought Thailand would be a good first entry into this part of the world. It turned out to be a great decision since the Thai people were so friendly and the country offered a lot of diverse experiences. After Thailand, we were planning to hop to Vietnam. However, Ine got denied at the airport due to a small tear in her passport. It was a blessing in disguise since we were "forced" to pick Malaysia as our backup country. Here, we found some of our new favorite animals including Orangutans, Dusky Leaf Monkeys, and Proboscis Monkeys. Next, it was off to the USA to celebrate our wedding with friends and family in Lake Tahoe. It was one of the most beautiful moments of our lives and was great to see smiles on everyone's faces the whole weekend :) After that, it was time for a US Road Trip with our friends where we visited National and State parks all across Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Wyoming. At the end of June, we jetted off to Belgium for a bunch of weddings and events. We tried to sneak out once in a while, like to Valencia, Barcelonaand Dublin. In mid-August, we returned to the US for a family event, followed by a road trip to Glacier National Park, the Canadian Rockies, and over to Vancouver and Seattle again. At the beginning of October, we set off to Southeast Asia once again. This time we visited Cambodia, Laos, and northern Vietnam. We spent a month in each country and had some crazy but unique adventures, such as driving the Thakhek Loop, sleeping in treehouses at the Gibbon Experience, and hiking amidst the rice terraces in Sapa. It was a great ending to an unforgettable year! We headed home for to Seattle for Christmas, followed by our home in Belgium for New Year's.

  • 2024: After some recovery time, we flew to South Africa at the end of January for one of our friend's weddings. Well, we decided to explore the country in-depth and stay two months. We revisited tons of places that we had traveled to in 2020, but also added lots of new ones! Our highlights were undoubtedly spotting wildlife in Kruger National Park and hiking the Drakensberg Mountains. We also did a little detour to Eswatini and Lesotho, two small underrated countries. At the end of March, we traveled to southern Spain. We stayed for about a month, mainly traveling around the beautiful Andalusia region. After exploring Madrid, we continued our journey to Italy. We started off in Venice, followed by Milan, Cinque Terre, and Lake Como. It was a quick 3 week whirlwind trip and before we knew it, we landed in Larnaca, Cyprus mid-May. 

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