Hi adventurer! We are Zac and Ine, life and business partners in crime. We met three years ago in our tri-continental Master's Program, eager to study and explore the world. After a crazy journey through Canada, the Netherlands, and Peru, we realized how travel experiences shaped our lives positively. We broadened our horizons by discovering new cultures and landscapes. Most importantly, we learned that travel brings together people from all around the world, forming connections we never thought was possible. This trip was LIFE-CHANGING. We want everyone to be able to experience that. We want to inspire everyone to travel and explore our beautiful world! With that idea in mind, World Wild Hearts was born... 

About world wild hearts story
Our mission to inspire life-changing travel experiences


"To inspire life-changing travel experiences"

Our mission remains the same today. We live this purpose by providing a one-stop destination for travel inspiration. We make products and tell stories that inspire everyone to travel and create lifelong memories. 

We want you to become the best YOU possible by getting out of your comfort zone and exploring the world. It worked for us and we know it will for you too!


Have you ever felt inspired after experiencing a new destination, culture, or landscape? That wave of emotion that engulfed your entire spirit. It made you see the world differently. This is deeper than any job or classroom could’ve taught you. It is life-changing. We make products and tell stories that capture this feeling. When you wear our apparel, you are living this inspiration with us. You are motivating others to have life-changing travel experiences as well and create their own journey.

Our style combines minimalism with travel inspiration quotes, taglines, words, and landscapes that call to your imagination. 

All our designs are homemade and we take pride in sourcing our entire line and fabrics from ethical brands and suppliers that comply to labor, environmental, and safety standards. We care about the world, just like you. 

The story behind our travel apparel designs
World Wild Hearts brand rep


Become part of a community of world travelers and adventurers.

We imagine a world where freedom is the norm and 9-5 is obsolete. We like to break apart from the pack and be our own best selves. We love life and want to make the best out of every day.

We think differently. Some call us dreamers, we call ourselves believers. We believe in finding yourself when you get lost. In the woods, in a new city, on the road. It’s what we do in these moments that defines us. It defines our life.

We live to explore!




Meet Zac

Co-owner, marketer, videographer

Zac is from Washington State in the US. He has a passion for traveling, sports, and videos. He has a Master's Degree in Global Business and an undergrad degree in international business with a heavy focus on marketing. He has 7+ years of working experience in marketing and client engagement.

  • ​Favorite country: Namibia for its open landscapes and pure freedom!

  • I travel for... a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

  • My life-changing trip: studying in Canada, the Netherlands and Peru for my Master's Program 

  • On my bucket list: New Zealand, Yucatan in Mexico, and Palau

  • I want to go back to... the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa

about Zac from world wild hearts
About Ine from world wild hearts

Meet Ine

Co-owner, designer, content creator

Ine is from Belgium. She has a passion for traveling and art. She has a Master's degree in Global Business and an undergrad in International Tourism Management. Currently, she is based in Canada but considers herself to be a global nomad. She'll be wherever her heart is at the moment. 

  • ​Favorite country: India, Argentina, Indonesia, Namibia, ... too many to choose from!

  • I travel for... having new experiences, exploring incredible nature, and learning about new cultures. 

  • My life-changing trip: My first time traveling solo... I was studying Spanish in Costa Rica  

  • On my bucket list: Australia, Greece, and New Zealand

  • I want to go back to... India and Mexico, there is so much more I want to see in those countries.


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