Hi adventurer! Let us tell you our story and how World Wild Hearts came to be. We met two years ago in our tri-continental masters program, eager to study and explore the world. After a crazy journey through Canada, the Netherlands, and Peru, we realized how travel experiences shaped our lives positively. We broadened our horizons through discovering new cultures, history, and landscapes. Most importantly, we learned that travel brings together people from all around the world, forming connections we never thought was possible. We want everyone to be able to experience that. Therefore, we created the World Wild Hearts travel community for YOU. We want to inspire your next travel experience of a lifetime. We’re committed to helping you save time, stay flexible, and remember your adventures forever through our travel services. There’s nothing like a wild adventure to make you feel truly alive. Welcome to our World Wild Hearts community!



Ine is originally from Belgium, which is a tiny country in central Europe. This has allowed her to travel to many destinations within Europe but also around the world. She has currently visited over 50 countries on 5 continents, including South America, North America, Asia, Africa; and of course Europe. She has an undergrad degree in International Tourism Management & Consultancy and she speaks 4 languages (Dutch, English, French, and Spanish). During her studies, she seized every international opportunity that crossed her path: She executed tourism research in Thailand; studied a semester abroad in Providence (Rhode Island, USA); did a tourism internship in London, UK; volunteered in Sri Lanka; and executed research for a major, worldwide tour operator. Additionally, she holds a Master Degree in Global Business, for which she studied a trimester in the Netherlands, Canada, and Peru respectively. These immersive experiences make her an absolute specialist in the field of travel. She is currently living in Canada while exploring all of what the country has to offer. However, she considers herself a global nomad with an ever-lasting wanderlust, and so her home is wherever her heart is at the moment! Check out her travel map below for all the places she has been in the world.




Zac is originally from Vashon Island, a small community on the West Coast of the United States near Seattle. While he has been to 20 countries including Australia, Mexico, Peru, Canada, and many countries in Europe, Zac’s main area of expertise is video editing. Zac has documented countless trips of his own and his friends through video, all the time doing his own edits and studying the trends of other videographers to bring his stories to life. Countless hours of online courses have also supplemented Zac's videography skills, morphing his hobby into what is now a career. Zac also has a Master Degree in Global Business and an undergrad degree in international business with a heavy focus on marketing, lending itself nicely to his 6 years of work experience in marketing and engagement in Victoria, BC. During his professional career, Zac has worked with various clients and video formats to convey stories around the world. Your videos and pictures are in good hands with Zac! Watch the video below for an example of his recent travel video from Canadian Rockies!

The Canadian Rockies
The Canadian Rockies

We know that editing your own travel videos can be a daunting task. Whether you're compiling your clips in the right order, color grading, trying to pick the right song, creating transitions, or adding stabilization and effects to your clips. It can be challenging and take time. That's why we offer a travel service to edit your travel videos for you! Let us help you capture your recent adventure.

Our YouTube channel has even more travel videos and tips for making your own videos too!

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