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  • Zac Andrus

Camping List To Pack For Adventures: The Ultimate Guide

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Looking for a camping list to pack that will help you get prepped for your next adventure? You’ve found the right place! We’ve put together the top items that you need in order to make your camping trip the most enjoyable it can be. Complete with a free camping checklist as well as a full description of each item. This list is based on our own camping experiences over the past years and the items that we've found most useful as avid campers ourselves. Enjoy your next camping adventure in the great outdoors!

Camping List To Pack

Camping List To Pack

We’ve been camping together for more than two years now. Before we met, we had camped a bit on our own. However, we’ve learned a lot more now that we’ve done full multiple-day backpacking trips together. We’ve also done a lot of short overnight camping locally and simply put up our tent next to our car many times. In this camping list to pack, we’ve highlighted items that will help ensure you have the items you need for any type of camping adventure. That means that all of this camping gear works for backpacking, car camping, and overnight trips.

We’ve also made sure to include items that work in all four seasons. One thing we’ve learned from our own experiences camping is that we hate spending money on multiple items that do similar things but for different occasions. We like to find camping gear that works for all conditions. That way, we buy quality gear as cheap as possible that will last us a lifetime of camping. It’s been a good strategy so far for our own camping trips as we’ve been able to camp in the fall, winter, spring, and summer all around the world and our gear is still holding up well!

Before you go through each item, make sure to download our free camping checklist.

Camping list to pack free download

Quality Hiking Backpack

In order to pack all your gear up the mountains and to the oceans for camping, you need a quality backpack. We recommend 60L capacity or more. This Osprey backpack was made for backcountry packing and has a ventilated tensioned mesh back panel with added adjustability for variations in torso length. There is also a rain cover included which is key for potentially rainy situations in the unpredictable outdoors. We’ve found from our own camping experiences that it’s best to have a larger backpack and then just pack less if needed for smaller trips. That way, you don’t have to constantly change which packs you’re bringing with you. What we like most about this pack is that it also has a dual zipper on the front so you don't have to pull out all your items when trying to find something. Just unzip the whole bag, take what you need, and zip it back up. We've featured the women's backpack (65L) in the picture below, but you can also find the men's backpack here which is a tiny bit bigger at 70L.

best camping backpack

Osprey Archeon 65 Backpack

Made by: Osprey

Camping backpack for adventures

Waterproof, Lightweight tent

We recommend this 2-person tent because it is lightweight, warm, and super compact. It’s the perfect all-around tent for any type of adventure, especially for long backpacking treks. It is surprisingly spacious on the inside due to its unique pole pattern and also takes very little time to set up. Time is everything when it comes to camping because of the varying conditions. It’s important to be able to get set up quick so you can stay as warm as possible.

best tent for camping

Elixir 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Made by: MSR

Lightweight tent

Tent Tarp

It’s super important to have a tarp with you when you camp. As we mentioned, the weather can change drastically when you’re outside, so you might get rained out. Having a tarp like this that is durable and waterproof will keep you dry all night long! There’s nothing worse than waking up in a soaking wet tent. We had way too many sleepless nights in the Canadian Rockies before we invested in our first tarp and we’ve never looked back since investing in one.

Camping tarp

Hiker Camping Tarp

Made by: Terra

Hiking backpack tarp

Cold weather sleeping bag

When we first started camping, we had no idea how cold it could actually get at night. We recommend going for a sleeping bag that is very warm even in cold conditions. This particular one stays warm down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit and still breathes well. It is extremely light at only 2.9 pounds. It will allow you to camp almost anywhere you can think of in the world. The fact that it is good for all four seasons is what drew us to it. For our camping gear, we like to have stuff that lasts all year round and is very versatile. This is the perfect sleeping bag for any type of trip, including backpacking.

Sleeping bag for camping list

0 Degree F Sleeping Bag

Made by: Hyke & Byke

Sleeping bag for camping

Camping Air Mattress

Another piece of essential equipment is a lightweight air mattress that will give you a good night's rest so you can get ready for multiple hour hikes. We recommend the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir because of its wave core construction that provides twice the warmth of uninsulated air mattresses. It’s super compact and inflates easily too. We spent a whole summer in Canada recently camping with this air mattress and it never failed us. Even in our 5-day backpacking trek to the famous Mount Assiniboine.

Air mattress for camping trip

NeoAir Venture Lightweight Camping Air Mattress

Made by: Therm-a-Rest

Air mattress sleeping pad

Coupler Sheet

Although not essential, it has been nice for us to have our coupler sheet while we’ve been camping. We each have Therm-a-Rest sleeping pad and having the coupler makes it really convenient to sleep next to each other. Before the coupler, our pads would split apart and slide all night, making for a more restless sleep as a couple. If you go camping with your partner a lot, then this is a great item that will add to your experience together in the great outdoors!

Coupler sheet for camping pad

Synergy Sleeping Pad Coupler Sheet

Made by: Therm-a-Rest

Sleeping pad for couples accessory

Camping Pillow

A camping pillow will keep your neck supported and is something we’ve found really nice to have after long hikes. The Therm-a-Rest option has foam filling which expands into a 4-inch thick pillow for your head, neck, and back support in tents, cars, planes, and other tough-to-get-comfortable places. It’s super compact, so there shouldn’t be much of a space issue in your pack. The comfort is worth it when you set up the tent!

best camping pillow

Camping Pillow

Made by: Therm-a-Rest

best pillow for camping

Warm Sweater

No matter where you camp, it generally gets cold in the evenings. It can be especially cold if you hiked during the day and have some sweat on your skin. We highly recommend packing a comfortable sweater that you can throw on in front of the campfire. For us, this is an absolutely essential item to complete your camping experience as it brings you comfort after a long day of adventures.

warm camping sweater