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2021 Holiday Gift Guide For Travelers

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Looking for the perfect gift these holidays for your travel-obsessed friend or loved one? It can be hard to find! Travelers don’t tend to like too many “things”. Rather, they enjoy the new experiences that come with traveling. However, there are many gifts you can buy that will make those experiences come to life for them while also making their life easier on the road. Some of these travel gifts will also help inspire future travels or remember the places they have been for years to come.

Holiday gift guide for travelers 2020

Why listen to our travel gift opinions? Because we’ve traveled the globe together for years! Every trip, we gain a new appreciation for the gadgets, technology, and essential items that help make our experiences enjoyable and memorable. These items have had a direct positive impact on our own travels and some have inspired our bucket list travel destinations as well.

Best Holiday Gifts For Travelers

Whether your loved one or friend is someone who enjoys local road trips or excursions abroad, budget backpacking or luxury traveling, there is a perfect gift for all types of adventurers in this holiday gift guide. Click the links below to find current prices of each travel gift that you like most!

World Map Wall Art

When you travel, it’s so important to find ways to remember your adventures. Travelers like to create bucket lists and check off the places they’ve been. This wooden world map is one of the coolest travel maps we’ve come across. You can use push pins to mark all the places in the world you’ve traveled to. The perfect talking piece for your apartment or home that will inspire new adventures and keep you remembering the destinations you’ve visited for years to come.

Wooden travel map holiday gift

Made by: EnjoyTheWood

Shop holiday travel gifts

Portable Wifi Hotspot

If you’re a traveler, you know how hard it can be to find wifi on the road sometimes. There have been too many times to count for us when we’ve linked up to our hostel wifi only to find that the connection was too weak to check our email or even send a whatsapp message. This handy portable wifi hotspot solves those connection issues once and for all! It allows you to have internet with you wherever you go in the world. This is especially helpful in emergency situations in countries where you don’t have a data plan. If you work remotely (like many travelers these days) it also allows you to work outside of your accommodation. Get your work done at the beach, in the park, or in the wilderness.

Holiday travel gift portable wifi

Made by: Skyroam

Portable wifi for travelers

The Perfect Travel Sweaters

The holidays are cold. Travelers need to stay warm too! Why not add some travel style to their wardrobe? World Wild Hearts has some cool travel merchandize that are meant to inspire your next adventure. All sweaters and hoodies are ethically sourced and designed in-house by real travelers. Besides being super stylish and comfy, 10% of profits from all World Wild Hearts travel sweaters goes to helping underserved youth to travel (FLYTE). Because everyone should have the opportunity to travel and have life-changing experiences of their own abroad.

Made by: World Wild Hearts

Travel sweater gifts 2020

Wanderlust Bracelet

“Wanderlust” is a noun. It means “a strong desire to travel”. If you’ve got a travel-lover in your life, this is the perfect budget gift for them. This bracelet will remind them of their daily desire to get out and explore the world. It is also great for times that they cannot travel as it provides a symbol to make a wish about their next destination, giving them hope for things to come.

Wanderlust cheap travel gift

Made by: ThePersnicketyCo

Wanderlust travel gifts for holidays

Travel Journal

Every traveler dreams of going to new destinations. It can be hard to keep track of all the wondrous ideas about where to go. If they see a picture on social media or hear about a new destination on the news, they need to have a space to write those ideas down. This travel journal will give them a spot to write down their travel inspiration and organize the ideas in their head. Travelers can use it to document their travels while on the road as well. A spot that they can write down their thoughts while exploring a new landscape or culture. 

Travel journal holiday gift

Made by: TheLamare

Travel planner gift for travel lovers

World Travel Stickers

Travelers love to get inspired for their next trip. One of the most fun (and cheap) ways to do that is to get stickers of where you want to go! This sticker pack includes 42 stickers from some of the most famous places around the world. Something that every explorer could put into their travel journal, in their room, or on their computer. 

World travel stickers gift

Made by: Leftoverbagels

Stickers for travelers

The Perfect Travel Camera

Travelers love to document their trips. However, many only use a phone to document their journeys or an old camera that doesn’t quite capture the feeling of “being there”. The Canon Rebel is the perfect gift for travelers looking to get an entry-level camera that is durable and will capture great video and photos. It is small enough to fit in a bag without weighing you down and also has all the specs needed to capture the moment in detail while on the road. We’ve been using a Canon camera for our travels for years now and we love looking back at our high-quality photos and videos to remember the trip.

Best travel camera gift for starters

Made by: Canon

Beginner camera for travelers gift

The Best Action Camera

Do you have an adventurous traveler in your life? Someone who likes to get off the beaten path from time to time and jump off waterfalls? Then they definitely need the new GoPro Hero 10! We are huge fans of GoPro and have been using them on our travels for the past few years. You can see examples in our YouTube videos. They are so durable and can capture extremely high quality photos, videos, timelapses, star-trails and more. The newest versions also feature a huge boost in image stabilization, making for ultra-smooth video of even the bumpiest activities. Having a gopro is essential for any adventurous traveler and the newest version is relatively cheap compared to other big name camera brands out there.

Best GoPro for travelers 2020

Made by: GoPro

GoPro travel gift

Carry On Travel Backpack

Every traveler needs a quality bag to carry their gadgets, equipment, and necessities in. This travel backpack from Tortuga is perfect for international travel as it's the maximum size for a carry on (35L) and also comes with all the storage compartments you need to stay organized. It has the organization of a suitcase, but with the mobility and comfort of a backpack. For the majority of our travels, a rolling suitcase would burden us and slow us down from being able to explore the area around us. With this travel backpack, you've got full freedom to go wherever you would like without the burden of rolling something behind you. It also comes with a convenient laptop space as well as room for your camera equipment, chargers, and other travel accessories. No matter where you go on your travels, you always need a go-to bag to keep your things safe and accessible during your trip. This bag is a perfect option for just that.

Best holiday gift for travelers

Made by: Tortuga

Backpack for travelers holiday gift

Lightroom presets for travelers

Anyone who’s been on Instagram has noticed that a lot of travel pictures have a certain bold look. That’s because the attention-grabbing colours are being exemplified by filters. While we tend not to use heavy filters ourselves in our own travel photos, we know many people love this look and just don’t know how to do it. Here’s the trick! Download this pack of budget-friendly lightroom preset filters and your new pics will look like the classic travel-style in no time.

Lightroom preset gift for travelers

Made by: artmyhouse

Lightroom travel preset gift

Travel Towel

When traveling, it’s super important to have a small towel with you. Travelers might not know where their next shower is coming from, but they should definitely have a small, quick-drying towel that they can use whenever the opportunity presents itself. These towels are perfect for just that. You can even use them for relaxing at the beach or sitting on for a picnic.

Travel towel holiday gift

Made by: GetActeon

Travel towels gift

Travel Mug

All travelers want to do is travel and think about their next adventure. Travelers are daydreamers and their souls come alive at the thought of experiencing a new culture or destination. So why not get them something inexpensive that speaks to their wanderlust soul? Each morning, they can wake up to a fresh coffee and new daydream about their next trip of a lifetime!

Travel mug holiday gift

Made by: MorningRushDesigns

Mug for travelers


There’s a lot of downtime on the road and long rides on busses, planes, and trains. That gives travelers ample time to read. However, travelers don’t like to pack too much on their trips in fear that their packs will be too heavy. A great alternative is to get an e-reader. Something that is small and which they can load all the books they want onto. A whole library at their fingertips while on the road!

e=best e-reader for travelers

Made by: Amazon

gift for travelers who like to read

World Travel Necklace

If you’ve got a female traveler in your life, she will love this one. This is the coolest travel necklace we’ve ever seen! It features the globe in a minimalist style and is available in rose gold, gold, and silver. The perfect gift to remind your significant other how much they love to travel the world.

Travel necklace gift for her

Made by: triumjewelry

Travel necklace for women

Solar Powered Portable Charger

There have been too many times when we’ve been on the road and our phone or camera died because we couldn’t find a charger. It was always a huge headache to try and find an outlet at coffee shops, hostels, or hotels. That is until we invested in a portable charger. It’s so convenient to just plug in your USB cord and charge all your devices. The beautiful thing about this charger is that it can also be solar-powered. The charging is a tiny bit slower in that mode, but much better for the environment!

Portable charger for travelers gift

Made by: Renogy

charger for road trips gift

Personalized Travel Phone Case

Any traveler with a phone would love this gift. This case can be personalized with your name, adding to the unique world travel design. Choose from a variety of options for size and phone type to ensure it fits the person’s phone you’re buying it for.

Perfect cheap holiday gift for travelers

Made by: NewJoyStudio

Phone case for travelers

Electronics Organizer

When traveling, it can be hard to organize everything efficiently. Cords are flying everywhere, you don’t know where your phone went, etc. The worst thing is to have all your electronics spread out in your bag. This electronics organizer solves that problem and looks stylish at the same time. 

electronics organizer gift for travelers

Made by: Sinevir

electronics organizer gift for travelers

Travel Scratch Map

Similar to the wood travel map at the start of this article, the travel scratch map helps adventurers remember where they’ve been in a creative way. We have a scratch map ourselves and must admit it is a conversation starter whenever we have people over to our house! Everyone always notices the countries we have scratched off and asks us what it was like there. If you’ve got a traveler who has been to multiple countries, this is a great map for them!

Scratch poster gift for travelers

Made by: beatnikrustik

Scratch map for traveler lovers

Adventure Travel Wall Art

Travel-lovers are always looking to be inspired for their trips. This wall art is perfect for just that. It features the words that many travelers live by: travel, explore, adventure. With the world map ingrained within the words themselves, this art piece screams “travel”.

Travel art holiday gift

Made by: Allwrappedupinyarn

Adventure travel poster gift

Travel Drone

Drones have become popular amongst travelers in recent years. Mainly because they provide an aerial view of the places around them. A unique perspective that few other people are able to see. We’ve used a DJI drone ourselves during our travels the past couple years and it has really added to the quality of our pictures and videos. This DJI Mavic Mini is impressive because it’s so small and can fold up into a travelers backpack! All while still delivering ultra-hd video. Check out our full review of travel drones article to see how the DJI Mavic Mini stacks up compared to other drones.

Made by: DJI

Best travel drone 2020 holiday gift

That’s it for our holiday travel gift guide! If you want more travel gift inspiration, check out our page on travel gifts with 40+ ideas including travel essentials, adventure gear, camera gear, travel electronics, and more.

Do you have very adventurous friends or loved ones? Check out our hiking gear or camping gear article for more gift ideas!


We hope this article helped you find a gift for traveler friends or loved ones these holidays! 

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