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  • Zac Andrus

2021 Holiday Gift Guide For Travelers

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Looking for the perfect gift these holidays for your travel-obsessed friend or loved one? It can be hard to find! Travelers don’t tend to like too many “things”. Rather, they enjoy the new experiences that come with traveling. However, there are many gifts you can buy that will make those experiences come to life for them while also making their life easier on the road. Some of these travel gifts will also help inspire future travels or remember the places they have been for years to come.

Holiday gift guide for travelers 2020

Why listen to our travel gift opinions? Because we’ve traveled the globe together for years! Every trip, we gain a new appreciation for the gadgets, technology, and essential items that help make our experiences enjoyable and memorable. These items have had a direct positive impact on our own travels and some have inspired our bucket list travel destinations as well.

Best Holiday Gifts For Travelers

Whether your loved one or friend is someone who enjoys local road trips or excursions abroad, budget backpacking or luxury traveling, there is a perfect gift for all types of adventurers in this holiday gift guide. Click the links below to find current prices of each travel gift that you like most!

World Map Wall Art

When you travel, it’s so important to find ways to remember your adventures. Travelers like to create bucket lists and check off the places they’ve been. This wooden world map is one of the coolest travel maps we’ve come across. You can use push pins to mark all the places in the world you’ve traveled to. The perfect talking piece for your apartment or home that will inspire new adventures and keep you remembering the destinations you’ve visited for years to come.

Wooden travel map holiday gift

Wooden world map

Made by: EnjoyTheWood

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Portable Wifi Hotspot

If you’re a traveler, you know how hard it can be to find wifi on the road sometimes. There have been too many times to count for us when we’ve linked up to our hostel wifi only to find that the connection was too weak to check our email or even send a whatsapp message. This handy portable wifi hotspot solves those connection issues once and for all! It allows you to have internet with you wherever you go in the world. This is especially helpful in emergency situations in countries where you don’t have a data plan. If you work remotely (like many travelers these days) it also allows you to work outside of your accommodation. Get your work done at the beach, in the park, or in the wilderness.

Holiday travel gift portable wifi

Skyroam Solis X Wifi Hotspot

Made by: Skyroam

Portable wifi for travelers

The Perfect Travel Sweaters

The holidays are cold. Travelers need to stay warm too! Why not add some travel style to their wardrobe? World Wild Hearts has some cool travel merchandize that are meant to inspire your next adventure. All sweaters and hoodies are ethically sourced and designed in-house by real travelers. Besides being super stylish and comfy, 10% of profits from all World Wild Hearts travel sweaters goes to helping underserved youth to travel (FLYTE). Because everyone should have the opportunity to travel and have life-changing experiences of their own abroad.

World Wild Hearts Travel Sweaters

Made by: World Wild Hearts