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Absolute Best Things To Do In Kaş, Turkey

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Are you planning on visiting Kaş? Kaş is known for its whitewashed houses, chill vibes, and coastal views. It’s hip, but not as commercialized as Antalya, which means it attracts fewer crowds and maintains its charm. It's one of our favorite places in all of Turkey, with tons of amazing things to do. In this article we highlight our top 7 things to do in and around Kaş, which will help you plan your own trip to this magnificent coastal town.

Check out our video about Kaş to get a sense of what it's like there!

Where is Kaş?

Kaş is a beautiful seaside town on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It’s located about 188 km to the west of Antalya. This picturesque coastal town has a population of only 7,000 people.

Map Kas Turkey

Best things to do in and around Kaş

Before starting with our top 7 we want to mention some other activities that are definitely worth doing when you're in Kaş:

  • A day tour to Kastellorizo, a Greek island across from Kaş.

  • Snorkel or dive in the waters around Kaş as it’s the best diving site in all of Turkey

  • Visit Saklikent Canyon, a steep and deep canyon with icy waters

7. Viewpoint of Kaş

The seventh best thing to do in Kaş is to enjoy one of the many beautiful viewpoints in town. Kaş is built at the base of a high cliff, making for breathtaking views. The D400 highway that winds down into Kas offers one of the most spectacular views. There are many places to stop the car and soak in the views. It’s also possible to hike to a viewpoint. There is a steep trail, which is part of the Lycian Way, that runs from Kaş to the top of the cliff.

Viewpoint of Kas Turkey

6. Lycian Way (Gata Burnu peninsula)

The Lycian Way hike runs through Kaş. If you want to hike the complete Lycian Way it would take you around 29 days with a distance of 540 kilometers or 335 miles in total. But hiking a part of it makes for a great day activity. There are many sections you can choose from. The most common one is to hike from the ancient city of Phellos down to Kaş, as it makes for gorgeous bay views and is mainly downhill. We decided to hike a smaller part, from Mermaid Beach to Limanağzı Bay. This hike is relatively flat and is only about 3 kilometers or 1.8 miles one way. Limanağzı Bay is known for its clear waters and loggerhead turtles that frequent the area. This bay is only accessible on foot or by boat, which means that it is a lot quieter than the other beaches in and around Kaş.

Limanağzı Bay Kas Turkey
View of Limanağzı Bay on our walk

5. Patara Beach and Xanthos

The fifth best thing to do around Kaş is to visit Patara Beach, which is the longest beach in Turkey around 18 kilometers or 12 miles long. It’s an important nesting area for turtles during the summer months. But besides that, Patara is unique because of its large sand dunes that resemble a desert. It’s the perfect place to watch a sunset or just enjoy the soft sand. Patara never feels crowded because of its size as well as the fact that it’s a protected archeological zone. You can visit the Patara ruins, which are located on the beach or you can visit the nearby UNESCO Heritage Site of Xanthos.

Patara Kas Turkey

4. Myra in Demre

The ancient city of Myra ranks at number 4. It is located in the town of Demre, about 45 kilometers, or half an hour, from Kas. Myra consists of Lycian rock tombs which are built into the cliff face. It also has a large Roman theater, which has been beautifully restored. It’s a photogenic ancient site, with a rich history. In fact, it was one of the most important towns of ancient Lycia. We highly recommend getting an audio guide at the entrance to learn more about this site.

Fun fact: It is said that St. Nicholas, after whom our modern-day Santa Claus is named, was the bishop of ancient Myra in the 4th Century. He was buried in his church at Myra, which is today known as the Basilica of St. Nicholas. The Basilica and Myra can easily be combined in a one-day visit.

Myra Demre Turkey

3. Kaş Old Town

At number 3, we have the old town of Kaş. Home to little boutiques, lovely cafes, cute restaurants, and ancient rock tombs, this part of town is perfect for a morning or evening stroll. Add to that the cobblestone lanes, white-washed houses, and a fishermen’s harbor, you will feel like you’re on one of the Greek Islands. This is no surprise as Kaş had a huge Greek population until 1923 when the exchange of citizens between Greece and Turkey happened. Right outside the old town, you can also find an ancient theatre that dates back to the Hellenistic Period.

Old town of Kas Turkey

If you would like even more in-depth information of Kaş, check out the Kas Turkey Travel Guide by LifeJoyTravels on Etsy. Use code ZACINE20 to get 20% off your purchase.

2. Kaputaş beach

The runner-up activity is to relax at the most beautiful beach around Kaş which is called Kaputaş Beach. Located about 21 kilometers or 13 miles west of Kaş, you can visit this spectacular beach by boat or car. We drove our own car and parked it in one of the small lots along the highway. The beach is tucked between steep cliffs on either side, offering some amazing views from the top. Be aware that the beach itself is small and can attract large crowds during the summer months!

Kaputaş beach Kas Turkey

1. Kekova Island & Kaleköy

The best thing to do in Kaş is to explore the breathtaking Kekova Island and Kaleköy. Currently uninhabited, Kekova Island can only be explored by boat. It’s known for its underwater ruins which once made up the settlement of Simena. You can spot a shipyard, foundations of buildings, houses, and tombs along Kekova’s shore. However, it’s forbidden to swim, snorkel, or dive in the area around the sunken city. But apart from the sunken city, Kekova is also famous for its countless coves and bays as well as Kaleköy village. This tiny village is made of narrow streets and waterfront restaurants. But the true highlight is the beautiful historic fortress, which offers the best views.

fortress Kaleköy Turkey


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