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Seville, Spain: A Short Travel Guide

Updated: 2 days ago

Seville, also called Sevilla in Spanish, is located in the south of Spain. This vibrant capital of the Andalucía region is known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and lively culture. Add to that a warm and dry climate and you have a year-round travel destination. In this travel guide, we share our top things to do in Seville as well as great places to stay, eat, and drink.

seville spain View from Metropol Parasol
View from Metropol Parasol


Check out our video about Seville to see the best things to do through our camera!

Best Things To Do In Seville

seville spain Plaza de España
Plaza de España

Places To Stay In Seville

seville spain Inside the Real Alcazar
Inside the Real Alcazar

Places To Eat And Drink In Seville

  • Abades Triana Restaurante: cozy waterfront restaurant with great views of the river and upscale but delicious food items

  • Bar Antojo: great and affordable tapas place but a bit outside the historic center

  • Blanca Paloma: bar and grill with lots of tapas options in the heart of the Triana District

  • Cervecería Punto Puerta Osario: local bar to grab a beer

  • Bodeguita Blanco Cerrillo: small local tapas place with good fried fish options

  • El Restaurante Cañabota: upscale restaurant/bar offering elevated seafood & tasting menus

  • El Rinconcillo: known as the "oldest tapas bar in Sevilla", this small 17th-century restaurant offers tapas, traditional Spanish mains, plus an extensive wine list

  • La Bodega de la Alfalfa: very popular spot so probably need to queue, but the Spanish dishes are worth it for a decent price

  • Mercado de Triana: lots of great food stalls to pick from

  • Perro Viejo: delicious restaurant very close to the Setas de Sevilla. Mix of classic Spanish tapas and fusion cuisine

  • Puratasca: really tasty and out of the ordinary tapas in the Triana District but off the tourist path

  • Taberna del Alabardero Sevilla: upscale taverna with great wine tasting menu, fresh seafood and creative culinary dishes

  • Torres y García: casual eatery with a diverse local menu featuring wood-fired pizza, seafood, meat dishes & desserts

seville spain giralda tower
Giralda Tower

Map Seville Spain

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map seville spain


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travel planner for seville spain trip

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