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Berat, Albania: The Ultimate Guide To The Town Of A Thousand Windows

The town of Berat is located 70 kilometers, or 43 miles, south of Tirana in the center of Albania. It’s known for its historic architecture combined with beautiful nature scenery. And it’s nicknamed the “town of a thousand windows” because of the Ottoman-era houses with large windows that overlook the town. So whether you’re a culture lover, history buff, or outdoor enthusiast, Berat offers something for everyone. We’ll show you 6 amazing things to do in Berat, which are best undertaken in 2 to 3 days. We'll also mention where to sleep and eat in Berat and everything you need to know before going.

Berat Albania
The top of the 14th century Holy Trinity Church


Check out our video on Berat Albania to get a sense of what it's like there!

Berat Albania Table Of Contents

Important Things To Know

Best time to travel to Berat

You can visit Berat between April and October. The weather will be amazing during these months. In July, August, and September it is very busy though. Also keep in mind that in July and August the temperature is very warm and it rains a bit more in April, May, and October.

Cost & currency in Berat

Everything in Berat is very affordable, from food and drinks to housing. In Albania, they use the Albanian Lek so if you plan on going, keep an eye out on the exchange rates to save more money. Withdraw your money at the Credins Bank for the best rate (and no extra fees!).

Safety in Berat

Berat is a very safe place. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming there. Keep in mind that behind that friendliness they might expect something in return at the end. As long as you use your common sense you will not have any problems in Berat.

Where To stay in Berat

  • Vila Palma: an amazing villa in a perfect location (short 2 minute walk to town center)

  • Hotel Klea: a hotel in a traditional house within the Berat Castle

Where To Eat And Drink

  • Eni Traditional Food Berat: traditional food with local ingredients and wine

  • Friendly House: great atmosphere and a beautiful look over the water

  • Homemade Food Lili: book your table in advance because this place is very popular for its amazing food with an experience that makes it complete

Best Things To Do In Berat Albania

There are a lot of things to do in Berat. This is why some activities didn't make our top 6. But if you have more time you should definitely visit these places as well:

  • The Ethnographic museum

  • Onufri iconography museum

  • Sunset from Gorica hill

  • Hiking in Tomorr National Park

If you're traveling to Berat and want to save time searching for directions to all of the places we mention in this article, then look no further than our custom map. Simply click on a point in the map below to get directions there for yourself!

6. Explore the churches and remains of Berat Castle

Looming over the town, Berat Castle is an attraction you can’t miss! This fortress dates back to Roman Times, but the walls and towers that still stand today are mostly from the 1200s. Within its walls, you’ll find a vast citadel complex of stone streets, houses, and Byzantine churches mixed in with ruins from other time periods. Make sure to visit the subterranean water cistern and the 14th century Holy Trinity Church, which you can also enter!

Berat Castle Albania The Bust of Constantine The Great
The Bust of Constantine The Great

5. Take in the views from Berat Castle

Apart from the historical sights, the castle also offers the best panoramic views over Berat. Head to the lookout platforms to take in the river valley views. It’s a steep climb to reach Berat Castle from the lower town, but it’s absolutely worth it for the stunning views!

viewpoint berat castle albania
The view from the platform of the Berat Castle

4. Explore the Mangalem and Gorica quarter

Below the castle sit two of the oldest and most picturesque neighborhoods in all of Berat. Mangalem and Gorica sit on either side of the Osumi River and are connected by the ancient Gorica Bridge. Both quarters are composed of narrow alleys of ancient white stone houses, timber doors, and large windows. After visiting these sections of town, you’ll understand where Berat’s nickname comes from! If you want to learn about Berat’s rich history, culture, and architecture, you can also go on a guided half-day tour of these districts combined with a visit to the castle.

Mangalem and Gorica Quarter Berat Albania

3. Take a dip at the Bogove Waterfall

If you want to explore some of the natural beauty that surrounds Berat, the Bogove Waterfall is for you. It’s located 35 kilometers, or 21 miles, from town and it’s easiest to reach by car. The whole area is green and shady with deep swimming holes and cascading falls! It’s super refreshing to take a dip here during the heat of the summer, but be aware that the water is numbingly cold. It takes about 20 minutes to walk from the parking lot to the falls. This is one of the nicest waterfalls in all of Albania!

Bogove Waterfall berat albania

2. Raft or hike at Osumi Canyon

Not far beyond the waterfalls, you can find the Osumi Canyon. The Osumi River passes through the town of Berat and flows through the canyon, with walls reaching over 80 meters, or 262ft, in some sections! Different seasons offer different types of activities here. During the spring you can see many waterfalls from the bottom, which can be explored by raft. While during the summer, the water is lower and there are more opportunities for river hiking and swimming in the streams. We went on a guided day tour here, which also included a visit to the Bogove Waterfall. This was one of our favorite activities in all of Albania.

Osumi Canyon berat Albania
The beautiful Osumi Canyon

1. Go wine tasting at Çobo Winery

The countryside around Berat is known for its production of wine. You can admire the vineyards when driving around, but you can also do a tasting at some of them if you’d like. The Çobo Winery is probably the most famous wine producer in all of Albania. You can find this wine in many restaurants and bars around the country.

çobo winery berat albania
Wine Tasting


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