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20 Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts for your Traveling Mom

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Are you looking for an affordable Mother’s Day gift for your traveling mom? We have accumulated a list with 20 Mother’s Day gifts that your travel-loving mom will love! And this at affordable prices below US$60! Because hey, your pockets (like ours) are not overflowing with money.

Mother's Day Gifts For Traveling Mom

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Mother's Day Gifts For Travelers

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show how much you appreciate and love your mom. And what better way to do that than to give her something extra special! Forget cliché gifts such as flowers or chocolate, and get her something that truly fits her lifestyle and personality instead. These gifts will inspire your mom to even travel more, or help her with her next trip. Your mom deserves something truly unique and this Mother’s Day Gifts list will help you pick the right one.

1. Mini Espresso Maker

This Mini Espresso Maker is perfectly designed for traveling, camping, hiking, or picnicking! Its compact design allows your mom to have her coffee everywhere she goes. This Mother’s Day gift produces coffee with a rich flavor. There’s no battery or electric power needed, making it the perfect gift for the outdoors. Simply add hot water, insert the ground coffee, press the piston on the side, and wait for your coffee to be served!

Mini espresso make for traveling mom

Made by: Doam

Perfect cheap gift for Mother's Day travel

2. Passport Holder & Travel Wallet

This multi-purpose wallet will keep your mom organized on her next adventure! It has room for your mom’s passport, boarding pass, credit cards, Identity Card, phone SIM card, and much more! Keeping all important travel documents in one spot, your mom will never have to worry about them again!

Travel passport wallet for mom

Made by: Zoppen

Passport travel wallet Mother's Day

3. Wall Art Paintings

These two travel posters would probably look great in your mom’s home interior. Great for a bedroom, hallway, living room or kitchen. It is the perfect Mother’s Day gift that inspires travel and lets your mom dream away!

Travel poster for mother

Made by: NicoPrintableArt

Poster for traveling mom

4. Leak Proof Travel Bottles

These leak-proof travel bottles will make your mom’s next travel journey easier! They’re ideal to store shampoo, liquid soap, sunscreen, hair spray, lotions, creams, and more. The bottles are especially useful to take along on a short weekend trip abroad as they meet the airline and carry-on standards. Made of high-quality silicone, they’re also sturdy and cannot leak while traveling! Simply put, this is another gadget your mom will thank you for later.

Travel water bottle gift

Made by: Dot&Dot

Small travel gift for mom

5. Wood Travel Map for Wall Decor

Forget about a scratch world map (they lose their scratch ability after a few months), and opt for a wooden or cork one instead. It looks a lot nicer in your interior design, and your mom will agree to this! This world map is made of wood and great for pinning cards, pictures, or postcards! Your mom will be able to remember her trips forever.

Travel map Mother's Day

Made by: EnjoyTheWood

Gift for travel mom wall art

6. Travel T-Shirt

What better gift is there than actually giving your mom something to wear during her next travels?! This tee is perfect to travel in or chill at home. Its travel quote “Life is short, the world is wide” will not only inspire your mom to travel more but also become her mantra from now on! The travel shirt is super soft and perfect for traveling and packing light. There are more t-shirts with quotes available in our Online Apparel Store.

World Wild Hearts travel shirt for mom

Made by: World Wild Hearts

Travel tee perfect for mom

7. Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron

Does your mom worry about wrinkly clothes in her travel bag? This mini steam iron is the perfect solution to that! It measures approximately 5.2 x 3 x 3.1 inches, being the perfect travel size. Whether it is for your mom’s evening dress or hiking outfit, this 420-watt iron removes wrinkles from almost any fabric. A travel bag and plastic measuring cup are also included!

Small clothes steamer for traveling

Made by: Hilife

Small travel gift under $20

8. Travel Coaster Set

Add some travel accents to your mom’s home with these hip cities coaster set. Not only are they eye-catching, but they will also inspire your mom to travel. Whether her next trip will be to Tokyo, London, Paris, New York, or somewhere else, these coasters will bring her travel dreams to life.

Travel coasters for Mother's Day

Made by: CoasterStone

Small travel gift for mom

9. Microfiber Towel

One of the must-have travel gadgets is the quickly drying microfiber towel. Not only is the fabric super absorbent, but it also wrings out easily and dries faster. It is much more compact than any other towel, making it perfect for travel and saving a lot of space in the suitcase or backpack! We are huge fans of this towel (we used it a ton during our Canadian Rockies backpacking trips), and we bet your mom will be too!

Travel towel for women

Made by: GetActeon

Travel towel for Mother's Day

10. Suitcase Organizer Bags

Does your mom like her suitcase to be organized? Then this is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her! These suitcase organizer bags will save space while helping to classify belongings in the luggage. They perfectly fit a 24/25 inch suitcase and consist of clothes storage bags, an underwear bag, shoes bag, and a toiletry bag.

Travel suitcase Mother's Day

Made by: OEE

Suitcase for women

11. Wall Hanging Pictures

With this wall décor photo display, your mom will be able to hang her favorite travel pictures on the wall. Not only do they make the home more attractive and sweet, but they also allow your mom to remember her travels forever. The wood clips make it easy to remove or add a picture to the home décor at any time. The display is made of cotton cord and wood dowel, and includes 25 removable clips.

Photo wall for travel mom

Made by: Mkono

Shop for traveling mom gifts

12. Memory Foam Travel Pillow

If your mom likes comfort while traveling, then this is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her! This twistable travel pillow can take almost any shape and position as desired. The memory foam cushions provide a relaxing feeling and relieve painful pressure points when sleeping, relaxing, or reading. Your mom will feel relaxed on her next trip, whether it is by air, train, bus, or car.

Travel pillow for mom

Made by: Dot&Dot

Pillow for traveling mom

13. Hanging Luggage Scale

Does your mom ever struggle with keeping her suitcase load under the weight allowance? This hanging luggage scale can help her! Simply hook the suitcase and get instant weight. It’s the perfect gadget to avoid overweight fees of airlines. The battery is also included.

Small luggage scale gift

Made by: Etekcity

Cheap travel gift for women

14. Ethnic Native Shawl

This high-quality, soft shawl is both cozy and durable. It can be used indoors and outdoors, whether it is for watching TV or having a picnic in the park. As it is lightweight, your mom will be able to take it with on her next trip!

Travel shawl for mom

Made by: SoulCraftCreations

Blanket for travel mom

15. LifeStraw Filtered Water Bottle

Ensure your mom has peace of mind when traveling abroad. In many places, it can be dangerous to drink water directly from the tap or the rivers. This reusable Life Straw water bottle has an advanced filtration system that allows you to fill up from a stream or tap and take it with you! It’s the perfect water bottle for hiking, camping, international travel, and emergency preparedness.

Water bottle for women traveler

Made by: LifeStraw

Great Mother's Day travel gift

16. Inspiring Travel Book

If your mom likes reading, then this travel book may inspire her. Robert Macfarlane, the acclaimed author of The Wild Places and Underland folds together natural history, cartography, geology, and literature in this book. Both hardcover and Kindle are available.

Good book for traveling mom

By: Robert Macfarlane

Book for travel loving mom

17. Portable Hand Warmer

Does your mom easily get cold or does she often travel to colder destinations? This portable, rechargeable hand warmer is the perfect gift for her. It can be easily charged and then produces a flameless, gentle warmth for up to 18 hours before needing to charge again. Its thin design fits in every pocket and is perfect for cold weather activities!

Hand warmer for travelers

Made by: FVSA

Small travel gift for moms

18. Picnic Stix Wine and Glass Bottle Holders

If your mom loves wine then she will definitely like this Mother's Day gift idea. These wine and glass bottle holders are a great invention. The Picnic Stix keeps things classy, so plastic cups are not needed anymore! Perfect for a picnic in the park or on the beach.

Wine holder travel gift

Made by: True Store

Gift for wine loving travel mom

19. AirBnB Gift Card

Does your mom often stay in cozy AirBnB’s when traveling? Then this gift card might be right up her alley. This US$50 gift card will be useful for her next trip! She can choose from over a million rooms and homes around the world. Doesn't that sound like the perfect Mother's Day gift?

Airbnb travel gift card

Made by: Airbnb

Travel gift card for moms

20. Travel Adapter

This travel adapter will come in handy on your mom’s next trip. It covers over 160 countries in Europe, Oceania, Asia, South America, and Africa. It has 4 USB ports so your mom will be able to charge her camera, phone, and Kindle all at the same time! It is small and lightweight, making it perfect for international travel. We used it all the time during our trips to Europe.

Travel adapter gift

Made by: JMFONE

Portable travel plug

That's it for our top Mother's Day travel gifts! We hope this article inspired you for some great ideas for mom. And we hope they help make her next adventure a memorable and easy one!

If you want more travel gift inspiration, check out our page on travel gifts with 40+ ideas including: filled with travel essentials, adventure gear, camera gear, travel electronics, and more.

Travel quiz for mothers

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What did you buy your travel-loving mom for Mother's Day? Comment below!

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