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Tips For Traveling With A Drone

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

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The year of online tourism is over and many are set to make this a summer of travel. Over 208 million people in America alone are making up for lost time by rushing to book their latest vacation. If you’re one of these travelers, you’re probably planning to bring your drone along. After all, there’s no better way to document your travel memories — and with no less than a 360-degree view. Yet traveling with a drone isn’t as easy as it seems. From packing your drone to complying with local flight laws, there are a lot of issues you might run into on the way. Below are a few tips for traveling with a drone to help you out.

1. Get a travel-friendly drone

Travel drones are a great way to capture your travels. They’re portable and durable while still providing the unique aerial perspectives you want. A lighter drone is easier to pack and doesn’t need a license to fly, while premium drones are easier to use. Choose a drone with the battery life and image quality that best suits your needs. Finally, make sure that the brand you choose will make it easy for you to find repair services abroad in case your drone runs into any difficulties. Learn more about the best travel drones here.

2. Pack all the drone accessories you need

You also need to make sure your drone travels safely. Look for drone bags and cases with a hard shell and a padded interior. They should also be waterproof and tear-resistant, come in travel-friendly sizes, and have adjustable straps. Look for bags that can accommodate your drone accessories, as well. This will allow you to bring along vital equipment like replacement parts, anti-collision strobe lights, propeller guards, and landing gears if you need them. Don’t forget to pack your drone charger and some spare batteries!

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3. Study local drone laws

Unfortunately, it isn’t safe to assume that all countries allow tourists to fly drones. Read up on the drone laws of the area you’re visiting — whether it be in or out of the country. Otherwise, you might end up getting your drone confiscated at customs. For example, New York doesn’t have any state laws on drone flights, but New Jersey does. Meanwhile, countries like France have banned drones completely. This research could make or break your drone vacation plans.

4. Put your batteries in your carry-on

Most drones use lithium-ion batteries, which are prone to a process called thermal runaway. Essentially, the batteries can overheat — and, in the worst-case scenario, combust. This can unfortunately happen on planes if batteries are stored in checked luggage, as cargo holds aren’t pressurized. So even if you do choose to pack your drone in your luggage, you need to take the batteries out and store them in your carry-on bag. Your batteries will be much safer in the pressurized environment provided by the passenger cabin.

5. Follow the best drone-flying practices

Once you’re at your destination, following the best practices can help you get the most out of your drone while also respecting local communities. For example, avoid filming near crowds to protect their privacy. Keep your drone away from animals to prevent disturbing them, especially if you’re near wildlife. Don’t fly in cold or rainy conditions, as your drone may malfunction and fall. Finally, fly in the early morning or late afternoon. Fewer people are likely to be around, and you’ll be able to capture great shots with amazing lighting.

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Drones are the ultimate way to document your travel experiences. By covering all your bases with these tips, you can be sure that nothing will come along to spoil your vacation.

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