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World's Best Outdoor Fall Activities

Updated: May 25, 2022

Fall is here… bringing crisp air, early evenings, and a blanket of colorful foliage. It’s a truly magical time! Yet, many of us dread the thought of the cold and wet fall weather. We start spending most of our time indoors, cuddled up in blankets and watching movies like it’s time for hibernation. We forget about the wealth of outdoor fall activities that are unique at this time of the year. From camping to getting lost in a corn maze and hiking amongst the falling leaves on local trails. In this article, we highlight 20 outdoor fall activities that will inspire adventurers to keep exploring outside. Stop hibernating and adventure instead!

Outdoor fall activities and adventures

Get lost in a corn maze

Walking through giant puzzles guarantees outdoor fun! With tons of loops and dead ends to get lost, a corn maze challenges the brains of all ages. Hence, it is the perfect outdoor fall activity to do together with friends, family, or just with your loved one. Work together to find the way out!

Make a cozy bonfire outdoors and roast s’mores

Are you a little cold in the evenings? Whether you are camping in the wild or just hanging in the backyard, a bonfire will warm you up! Enjoy the fresh fall air while staying toasty by the fire. Roast s’mores, drink a cup of hot cocoa, and invite some friends... It’s the perfect alternative to an indoor fireplace, creating even more memorable moments.

roasting s'mores is the best outdoor fall activity

Discover a new waterfall

Fall is the perfect season to chase a waterfall. Not only because tourism slows down, but also because the frequent rain will make for a more steady stream! Add to that the picturesque views of the surrounding trees changing colors. The cascades have never looked more gorgeous than during fall!

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Rent a cabin for the weekend

Who says you should stop traveling once the fall comes around? It’s the perfect time to plan a short weekend getaway as rent prices are generally cheaper. Whether you prefer being in the mountains, in the woods, or at a lake, a rustic cabin will make you feel like fall is truly here! All you need is a pair of hiking boots, a raincoat, and a cozy sweater to cuddle up in next to the fireplace.

Cabin in the mountains during fall

Snap the colorful falling leaves

With various shades of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown, fall is any photographer’s dream. So get out your DSLR and explore your surroundings. The leaves are changing all around you, whether that is in your backyard, in the city park, or in the woods. It’s time to witness and capture this beauty.


Visit a pumpkin patch and carve your favorite destination

A cliché fall activity, but oh so much fun! Visiting a pumpkin patch is beloved for a good reason, whether you just want to enjoy the scenery, carve them up for Halloween, or use them as a fall decoration. Pick your pumpkin and carve your favorite destination in them! London, Paris, or... where are you dreaming of next?

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a cliché outdoor fall activity is to visit pumpkin patches!

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make your house smell like pumkins during the fall

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Go stargazing

The fall sky is the favorite season for many stargazers. Why? Because there are many constellations you can only see during this time of the year! Catch the last glimpse of summer stars and a first glimpse at the winter stars. But best of all... it gets dark earlier and the night temperatures are still comfortable. Just bring a warm sweater and a blanket!

Find a new favorite sunset spot

By far one of our favorite fall outdoor activities is to watch the sunset! With the days getting shorter and colder, the skies become brighter and bolder. From pink to red, orange, and purple skies, the vivid colors are mesmerizing. According to meteorologists, fall sunsets are more colorful because of the mix of clouds, the cold, and the tilt of the Earth! So get outside and find your new favorite sunset spot.

Vivid sunset during fall

Hike a local trail

Hiking is a year-round activity, offering vastly distinct scenery in each and every season. Fall hikes are one of our favorites as the woods and mountains reward with warm colors of the fall foliage, fewer crowds, and milder temperatures. So lace up your hiking boots and embark on a journey with friends or other loved ones!

Go camping

With its chilly nights, camping sounds like a wild fall activity! However, think about the positives… fewer mosquitoes, fewer tourists, and lower rates. This means you can find the perfect place to pitch your tent to enjoy the scenery! In addition, camping in fall gives you the chance to do some of the other activities on this list, such as stargazing, hiking, making a bonfire, and roasting s’mores!

Go fishing with friends

Fishing is one of the all-time best fall activities! There's not much better than having a peaceful afternoon out on the lake or river while taking in the scenery around you. If you enjoy the outdoors, but have never tried fishing before, we suggest going to a local fishing shop and asking your local expert for advice on the best fishing spots and equipment rentals. Make sure to dress warm and bring some waterproof boots! The great outdoors awaits.

Collect leaves and pinecones for art

Did you know that you can make beautiful artwork from these natural resources? It's easy! Just pick up some of the pretty leaves and pinecones that have fallen on the ground and put them in a basket. Take them home and find an open countertop. Lay the materials out in a pattern that looks pretty and voila, you've got a cozy new indoor decoration for the fall to keep your home cozy! We like to use the shelf next to our dining room table. It reminds us of the beauty of fall each time we look over at dinner. Note that it's important to only take leaves and pinecones from the road because if you take them from the forest itself, it could damage the delicate ecosystem around you.

cozy fall activities free

Go mountain biking

Ever been mountain biking? If not, fall is the time to try! This is a great activity for any time of the year (except in snow) as it involves many different aspects of athletics. To have a good time mountain biking, you need balance, stamina, and a healthy thirst to explore the great outdoors. We recommend avoiding rainy days if it's your first time mountain biking since the trails can get slippery and dangerous during those times. Aim for a cool, crisp, sunny fall day to enjoy your new adventure!

Pick apples at an orchard

Did you know the majority of apples are ready to be picked in October and November? Fall is the perfect time of year to visit your local orchard. It's a perfect low-key outdoor activity that's not too strenuous but is oh so rewarding! Once you pick your apples, try making some of these cozy fall deserts with them:

Apple picking outdoor fall activity

Have a fall-themed picnic in the park

Fall is all about exploring the outdoor space around you. What better way to do that than with a picnic at the park? Instead of your classic peanut butter and jelly picnic sandwiches, why not spice it up this fall with some new types of food for the occasion? We LOVE the pumpkin spice lattes that come out during the fall season. Grab one from your local coffee shop on the way to the park! Combine your warm and cozy drink with roasted pumpkin seeds and a butternut squash soup. Top that off with a couple caramel apples for desert and you've got yourself a yummy afternoon at the park. Enjoy!

Drink pumpkin beer on a bike and brew tour

Pumpkin beer is one of our favorite drinks in the fall. Many craft breweries around the world come out with a special brew for this time of the year, brewed to perfection with pumpkins and spices added. The taste of these beers instantly reminds us of cozy times next to the fire during cold fall evenings. Take your pumpkin beer experience to another level by biking from one brewery to the next in a day. Taste all the pumpkin flavors of each brew and judge for yourself which one is the best to your pallet. Just remember to not overdue it and stay safe on your bike!

fall activities pumpkin beer tour

Walk the beach with a warm drink

While going to the beach may seem like a summer activity, we also love hitting the sand in the fall! The beaches tend to be pretty empty and sometimes we've had the entire place to ourselves. It's so relaxing to just listen to the waves crash and walk the shores even during the colder days. Keep warm by drinking a tasty fall beverage, such as hot chocolate. Add some mini marshmallows and milk to your mix to give it an even smoother flavor. Ahhhh, the taste of fall!

Drinking a hot chocolate out of this fall mug is a perfect fall outdoor activity

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Collect chestnuts on a trail to bake after

Similar to collecting leaves, we recommend finding some chestnuts on the trail during your next venture outside. You can make loads of different recipes that will give your dishes a fresh fall taste. These include things like:

As with collecting leaves and pinecones, make sure to only collect chestnuts that are on the road to ensure you are not damaging the natural ecosystem around you.

Chestnut collecting fun fall activity outdoors

Discover something new on a city trip

Although we usually tend to do our outdoor adventures in the mountains, woods, or beaches around us, there's also so much to be seen exploring outdoors in cities! Many cities now have outdoor park features and green spaces to explore. Since being outside has so many natural health benefits for people of all ages, city planners have put an emphasis on creating spaces to explore all around the world. Find your next adventure in a city near you this fall. You never know what you'll find!

Kayak a new body of water

We've had some of our most memorable outdoor adventures when kayaking! The beautiful thing about kayaking is that you can do it any time of the year. The nice thing about the fall is that there are usually less people out on the water since kayaking is usually viewed as a summer activity. However, there is much to be explored in the rivers, lakes, and oceans around you! When kayaking, you may be surprised at the diverse range of animals and different types of nature you will find. And you'll likely have it all to yourself!


Tip to start loving the fall: decorate your home in the fall theme!

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