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Nong Khiaw, Laos: A Short Travel Guide

Updated: Jan 7

Nong Khiaw is a small town located in the jagged northern region of Laos, about a 4 hour drive from the city of Luang Prabang. Situated on the banks of the Nam Ou River and surrounded by steep limestone mountains, Nong Khiaw is a haven for nature enthusiasts. In recent years, this destination has gained popularity and is now one of the main spots to visit in Laos. In this travel guide, we share our top things to do in Nong Khiaw as well as great places to stay, eat, and drink.

nong khiaw laos view


Check out our video about Nong Khiaw to see the best things to do through our camera!

Best Things To Do In Nong Khiaw

  • Walk around the town

  • Visit the morning market (Located near bus station on Road 1 - Open from 6 to 8AM)

  • Explore the Phathok Caves (Other caves: Phar Noi History Caves and Pha Kuang Cave)

  • Watch the sunset from the Som Nang Viewpoint

  • Kayak on the Nam Ou River

  • Hike to the Tad Mook waterfall

  • Go on an overnight trip to Muang Ngoi Neua

  • Hike to Pha Daeng peak

pha daeng peak nong khiaw laos
View from Pha Daeng Peak

Places To Stay In Nong Khiaw

boat nong khiaw laos
slow boat

Places To Eat And Drink In Nong Khiaw

  • Couleur Cafe Restaurant: French-inspired breakfast place with delicious croissants and pain au chocolat

  • Deen Indian food: decent Indian food at affordable price

  • Delilahs: great desserts and lots of movie nights

  • Home coffee: best coffee in town

  • Mama Tia's Kitchen: another great breakfast place

  • N&N restaurant: tasty food - get the steamed fish in banana leaves and the yellow curry with sticky rice

  • Noi & Ni restaurant: yummy smoothies

  • Q BAR & Restaurant: come for the happy hour cocktails

  • Toon Poh Restaurant: affordable and delicious food - try the peanut and coconut tofu curry

  • Vongmany Guest House Restaurant: good place to watch the sunset from

  • Watering Hole Bar: another great sunset bar right on the water

som nang sunset nong khiaw laos
Sunset from Som Nang Viewpoint

Map Nong Khiaw

Find all the places to go, eat, drink, and stay in Nong Khiaw on Google Maps. To follow and save the list, do the following:

  1. Tap on the link to open it (click button below)

  2. Tap Follow. This list will now be added to the group of lists you follow.

  3. Optional: To unfollow a list someone shared with you, tap the list Saved.

If you follow the list we made, all our saved places of Nong Khiaw will show up in Your Places. The places will also appear as suggested locations in Google Maps.

nong khiaw laos google map


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