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Funny Quotes About Travel to Make You Smile

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Do these funny quotes about travel make you want to cry of laughter? Us too! No matter where you are on your emotional travel journey, these funny quotes about travel will put your mind at ease for a few minutes. Travel can be exhausting at times. Whether you are planning a trip, trying to catch that next flight connection, or embarrassing yourself in front of a local street vendor with your mediocre Spanish skills, there are funny moments for all types of travelers.

We can relate to all of these funny travel quotes. After our travels together around the world, we've had too many moments to count where we just had to laugh it off and move on. In the end, these funny moments usually lead to a great story to tell your friends later.

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Funny Quotes About Travel

Without further ado, lets count down the top 20 funny quotes about travel together!

"A plane ticket is the answer. Who cares what the question is?"

While of course, this is not the answer to all your life questions, it's actually a good start! Can you imagine how your life would be right now if you answered your last hard question by buying a plane ticket to a foreign destination instead of killing yourself over finding the "right answer"?

"You know it's time for a vacation when you start looking like the person on your drivers license"

Have you ever looked at your drivers license and thought, "is that what I really look like"? Maybe you've had a stressful past few years at work or in your relationship. Travel could be the perfect medicine for you. Take the leap, and when you come back from your trip, compare the new GLOWING you with the old DREARY you. Which one suits you better? This is a funny travel quote but also one of the most inspiring travel quotes you will find. That's because there are so many people in the world who grind through their 9-5 job without hope of what's coming next. Get out of that routine and do something new if you're feeling in a rut!

"Notriphobia (n.) the fear of not having any trips booked."

We have this fear constantly. As travelers at heart, we never like to stay in one place too long. If we don’t have our next plane ticket booked, you can bet that we are researching our next destination!

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"If you're upset when traveling, just thing about a T-Rex trying to drink a martini..."

Can you imagine this? Haha! One of Zac's favorite movies growing up was Jurassic Park, so this one got him going when he saw it. Next time you lose your bus ticket or can't find your sunglasses, think of the old T-Rex / Martini glass. It will calm you down in a heartbeat and keep you in a light mood.

"I need a 6-month vacation... twice per year"

A trip around the sun on full-time holiday mode would be a dream! While it might not be feasible for everyone, can you imagine yourself just taking a 6 day or 6 week vacation? Whatever the amount of time that suits your situation best, a little adventure to reset might be just what you need!

"Reality called, so I hung up"

This is one of the best travel quotes we've run across during our trips! Our big thing is that we never want to grow up. Our dream is to have a travel lifestyle. So when the economic system calls us back to get "real jobs", we fight it as hard as we can. While financial stability is ultra important, so is your sanity. If you're like us, you ignore the haters and keep pushing towards that lifestyle you desire.

"Warning: Humans in area"

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"Vacation calories don't count, right?"

How many times have you been on vacation and snuck that extra croissant or taco? No shame in that! When traveling, we like to eat the local food as much as possible and really immerse ourselves in the culture. Even though we do this, we almost never gain weight while traveling! It's a crazy phenomena. Probably because we're doing new things and being really active each day. Oh the joys of traveling! This is one of the top famous travel quotes for those who want to have a cheat day on their diet while traveling.

"I've got 99 problems, but I am on a vacation and I am ignoring them all!"

The famous Jay-Z proverb rings true here! Except this time we're talking about holidays instead of women. It's a beautiful thing when you can leave your problems behind and just live in the moment. Sometimes you can achieve that 20 minutes from your house and sometimes you need to take a trip to a new country. Wherever you're adventure takes you, leave those problems where they belong and release your inner "chill".

"I need more vitamin sea"

SO TRUE! The ocean is calling and we must go. Anyone else love the sea like us? There's something special about going to the beach, taking off your shoes, and letting everything go. Those worries drift through the sand and out into the ocean. A new you is born!

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"Forget champagne and caviar - taste the world instead!"

Imagine yourself eating dirt. What a treat! Haha just kidding. Not that we want you to go eat earth instead of fancy food. But rather that you should enjoy those special moments being out in nature and experiencing new cultures. Drink in that knowledge and feeling of living. It's tasty and saves your budget ;)

"Work hard. Travel harder."

While this is totally cliche, they are good words to live by! Travel isn't free. It would be nice if it was. However, it costs money to do things, no matter how much you budget. So work hard and do what you love. Then, spend that hard earned money doing things you truly love in life. Adventure! Take your wanderlust to a new level with these travel quotes.

"If traveling was free, you would never see me again."

Similar to above, wouldn't it be great if you could travel for free? If that was the case, we would be living in a dream world. Taking trips to a new country every month or two and really experiencing all that country has to offer. What a lifestyle! However, they say "sun wouldn't feel so good if it wasn't for rain". So even though it costs money to travel, we're still so grateful that times we do get out on the road, w'ere able to enjoy those moments for all they are worth.

“All you need is a passport.”

A passport is your ticket to the world. Your entry into the hidden mysteries of new cultures and landscapes. Your secret travel diary with thousands of stories attached to it. It’s the lifeblood of your travels!

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"A coconut a day keeps the doctor away."

Hahahaha! Forget apples. In the travel world, we eat coconuts! Living the life on a tropical beach. Coconuts are a great source of hydration and protein ;) This has to be one of the funniest and best short quotes about travel that will inspire your adventures.

"Instead of driving a Mercedes to work... I would rather ride a bike to the beach."

We all know that material goods can't buy us happiness. What really makes us happy is the ability to explore and learn new things! Instead of investing in expensive products to fill our happiness gap in life, why not go to the beach and see how your body and mind feel after that. Try it out! To learn more about why we as humans feel this way, you can read our article on Why Travel Makes You Happy

"Traveling is like a box of chocolates. Don't matter what you get, all is good!"

If you've ever watched the movie Forest Gump, then you know what this quote is all about! Honestly, no matter what adventure you are on or where you go traveling, it doesn't matter what you do. When you expose yourself to new experiences and scenery, you automatically trigger positive emotions in your brain. Even if you have a down moment, it is always outweighed by the new things you learn while traveling. It's all good!

“I want to live in a world where searching for plane tickets burns calories.”

Wouldn’t that be the dream? We are seriously addicted to travel. If we burned calories every time we did research for our trip, we would be way too skinny!

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"Travel over everything."

Ok, this is an extreme one! Of course, you should prioritize things like family over your next holiday. BUT, travel should definitely be high on your list of important things to do in your life. There are so many benefits to traveling, including increasing your happiness, making you a healthier person, and generating a higher understanding of the world.

"You won't get the holiday blues if you just continue traveling"

This would sure be the dream huh? Travel the world endlessly so that your feeling of pure enjoyment never goes away! It's always the worst when you come back from a holiday and have to go straight to the grind of work again. In reality, most of us continue daydreaming about how our recent trip was for a few days at least. Lets take those few days and make it our new lifestyle! Make this travel quote your new reality on your next road trip.

"I have been to almost as many places as my luggage"

We can relate to this one! There have been too many times to count where we've gotten off the plane and there was no bag to be found. Almost every time, the airline eventually found it and sent it to us or reimbursed our money. However, it's always a nervous moment when you get off the plane from a big trip and make that fateful walk towards the baggage carrier. Fingers crossed!

"Good times and tan lines"

This is a classic and one of our favorites! Isn't it great to be on vacation and not have a care in the world? That feeling of endless beach bliss that could last forever. All you care about is having the best day possible and getting a nice tan to go with it. The life!

"I love the days when my hardest decision is: "Window or Aisle?"

It is a great moment when you've got the whole row to yourself and you can pick your preference! Are you a window person or an aisle person?

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list"

An all-time favorite funny travel quote of ours and one we live by daily. If we could find "everywhere" on a map, we would be on the next flight there tomorrow! In our ideal world, we would visit every country and interact with each culture to develop a true understanding of how the entire world functions, works, and communicates. What a beautiful thing that would be.

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Have other travel quotes made you laugh besides these? We would love to hear them! Comment yours below.

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