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Eswatini (Swaziland) Travel: 9 Beautiful Places To Visit

Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland, is a landlocked country between South Africa and Mozambique. This tiny Kingdom boasts majestic mountains, sprawling nature reserves teeming with wildlife, and rich cultural traditions kept alive through song and dance. Eswatini’s charm lies in its authenticity and untouched beauty, offering amazing off-the-beaten path experiences. In this travel guide, we share 9 beautiful places to visit in Eswatini (not in specific order) as well as a map with all the places of interest and where we stayed.

Malolotja eswatini
Malolotja Nature Reserve

Check out our video about Eswatini to see these fascinating places to visit through our camera!

Places To Travel In Eswatini

9. Phophonyane Nature Reserve

Located in the northwestern hills of Eswatini, Phophonyane Nature Reserve is a haven for nature enthusiasts seeking a secluded escape. This 600-hectare private reserve boasts a network of trails winding through lush tropical forests, ultimately leading to the impressive Phophonyane Falls. Explore the cascading waterfall and the ancient rock formations or unwind at the Phophonyane Falls Eco-Lodge where you can soak in the panoramic views. Staying overnight in one of the lodge’s safari tents also is a unique experience.

8. Maguga Dam

Dominating Eswatini's northwestern landscape, Maguga Dam is a marvel of engineering and a scenic paradise. This impressive wall creates a vast reservoir on the Komati River. The best way to experience its full beauty is by driving the scenic loop road that winds around the dam. But if you’re driving from northwestern Eswatini towards Malolotja and Lobamba, you automatically pass through here and you can pause at some of the viewpoints.

maguga dam eswatini
Views along the way

7. Malolotja Nature Reserve

At Malolotja Nature Reserve, you can find endless mountains that sprawl all the way to the border of South Africa. This nature paradise boasts dramatic landscapes, where rolling grasslands meet deep gorges. Upon entering the park, you will be immediately rewarded with panoramic vistas. The best place to take in the scenery is from the Logwala viewpoint, which is accessible during the dry season with the right vehicle.

From the Longwala viewpoint, you can also hike down to the Malolotja Falls. In fact, there’s a network of over 200 kilometers of trails in the reserve, ranging from leisurely strolls to multi-day adventures. Ask the local staff at the main entrance for more trail options and potential closures. Also keep your eyes peeled for wildlife since herds of rare antelope graze the plains.

logwala malolotja eswatini
View from Logwala Viewpoint

6. Ngwenya

At the edge of Malolotja lies Ngwenya. This small town is named after the crocodile-shape of Eswatini’s second-highest mountain which dominates the landscape here. On its southern flank you can find the oldest mine in the world, an iron ore mine that is at least 43,000 years old according to archaeologists. All that remains today is a modest hole in the hillside, known as Lion Cavern. But it’s also the spectacular views that make this mine area worth the trip.

Beyond its history, Ngwenya is known for glassblowing at the Ngwenya Glass Factory, where skilled artisans transform molten glass into stunning art pieces. Watch from a viewing platform as recycled glass is heated and shaped. There’s also a small shop to buy glassware and support this local craft.

ngwenya old mine eswatini
View from the oldest mine in the world

5. Lobamba & The National Museum

Situated in the center of Eswatini, Lobamba is the country's spiritual, cultural and political heart. Thanks to its central location and variety of accommodation options, it’s also a great place to base yourself for a couple of days. You should definitely explore the National Museum, which houses artifacts and exhibits that tell the story of Eswatini's people. You’ll learn everything from ancient traditions to modern life, so this is an essential stop to get an understanding of the country. Beyond the museum, Lobamba offers a glimpse into local Swazi life, with a range of great restaurants and bars.

4. Mantenga Cultural Village & Nature Reserve

Situated near Lobamba, Mantenga Cultural Village & Nature Reserve offers a double dose of adventure. First, you can step back in time at the replica mid-19th century Swazi village. Here, traditional beehive huts and demonstrations showcase what the daily life, crafts, and customs were like for people around the country. You should also make sure to check out the vibrant traditional Sibhaca dance, which is performed twice daily.

After you’ve fully immersed yourself in the traditional culture, you can head out into the tranquility of the Mantenga Nature Reserve that surrounds the village. Drive or hike down to cascading Mantenga Falls, Eswatini’s largest waterfall by volume.

mantenga falls eswatini
Mantenga Falls

3. Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary

Bordering Mantenga Nature Reserve, Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary isn't just about big game; it's a haven for families seeking unique adventures. Here, zebras and antelope graze alongside hikers, making it a fantastic place to spot wildlife in an unconventional way. Explore the park’s diverse landscapes on horseback, mountain bike, or by foot. You can choose between a range of hiking trails, from short flat walks to more challenging climbs. We hiked to the spectacular Execution Rock, which was a moderately challenging trek with about 300 meters or 980 feet of elevation gain. But the thing that makes it most difficult is the trail conditions. If it’s been raining recently or the trail hasn’t been cut back, then it could be a little overgrown and require some trailblazing. However, once you get to the top, it’s definitely worth the effort.

execution rock eswatini
Execution Rock viewpoint

2. Hlane Royal National Park

Eswatini's highlight and most popular tourist attraction is Hlane Royal National Park, located in the northeast corner of the country. This is the largest reserve in the country, offering the opportunity to spot some of the Big 5 animals. In particular, it is quite common to see white rhinos here thanks to the park’s great conservation efforts. In fact, upon entering the park, we immediately came across a mother and baby rhino. They were grazing on the road and came within inches of our car in a moment that we’ll never forget. The Ndlovu Camp waterhole is another great place in the park to spot wildlife. You’re likely to see zebras, hippos, and more rhinos gathering for their evening drinks together.

Nonetheless, there are some areas in the reserve that can only be accessed by guided safari. These usually start at sunrise or sunset as those are the best times for game viewing. Our guide took us to some areas where we were lucky to find elephants and a lion. Seeing the lion so close to our vehicle was a highlight for us. Finally, the park is also famed for its guided rhino walks, during which you can get up close and personal with these giant animals.

white rhino hlane eswatini
white rhinos

1. KaMsholo Bushveld Safaris

Located near the Lavumisa border post in southern Eswatini, KamSholo offers a unique safari experience. This 4000 hectares of acacia savannah reserve boasts a surprising variety of wildlife. The reserve’s dirt roads are well-suited for guided or self-guided safaris. And with no dangerous game in the reserve, it’s also possible to explore trails on foot with a guide. We spotted tons of zebras, warthogs, and giraffes up close. This all while learning about the animals, their behavior, and the park's conservation efforts.

kamsholo eswatini giraffes
giraffe walk

Map Eswatini

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