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Bruges, Belgium: 5 Must-Do Things In Bruges

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Known as 'Venice of the North, Bruges is a city that you have to visit when you're in Belgium. It has a rich history as it once was the leading trading center of northwestern Europe. There are many things to do in Bruges, which we'll explain in this article. However, just walking around the city is enjoyable. You'll feel like you're thrown back to medieval times! In fact, the town centre is actually a UNESCO World Heritage site, which helps explain why the character and architecture of the city is in such tremendous shape. Bruges is one of the most romantic cities in all of Europe, and you'll soon see why when you step onto its cobbled streets.

Check out our video about Bruges to get a sense of what it's like there!

Where is Bruges and how to get there?

Bruges is located in the Northern part of Belgium called Flanders. It's 50 kilometers from Ghent, 98 kilometers from Brussels, and 15 kilometers from Blankenberge, which is one of the closest beaches to Bruges. If you want to fly to Bruges you'll have to fly to Brussels Airport or Ostend-Bruges International Airport. From Brussels Airport you can take a train that will bring you directly to Bruges in only 1h30. You can take a bus to Ostend if you land at the Ostend-Bruges International Airport and then take a train from Ostend to Bruges. Use the map below to find your way to Bruges and also to navigate to specific activities that we mention throughout this article.

Important things to know before you go to Bruges

The best time to visit Bruges is between June and September. In these months the temperature should be nice and there shouldn't be too much rain. Keep in mind that summer in Belgium can still be quite rainy in comparison to southern Europe.

In Bruges, the local people speak Flemish. Flemish is almost the same as Dutch, however it's mostly the accent that is different. Because Bruges is so popular among tourists, almost everyone in the touristic center speaks English too.

Bruges is a safe city. Just watch out for pickpocketers and be aware at night around clubs and bars. Like any city, there can be trouble in the evenings if alcohol or drugs are involved.

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