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The BEST Sunset Spot in Victoria BC

Updated: Jan 15

Looking for the best place to watch a sunset in Victoria? We've lived in Victoria for years and never knew about this sunset spot... until now. Walbran Park Lookout will cap off your evening with a magical view of the setting sun. You simply can't miss this hidden gem viewpoint in Victoria with a 360 view of the Pacific Ocean, Olympic Mountains, Mount Baker, the Victoria city skyline, and the many beaches surrounding Victoria. All within a 10-minute drive from downtown!

Best Sunset Spot in Victoria BC
Sunset view from the top of Walbran Park Lookout

How to get to Walbran Park Lookout

The best sunset spot in Victoria BC is the Walbran Park Lookout. It may be a bit tricky to find at first, but once you get there you will make this your go-to sunset spot around Victoria. To get there from Beach Drive, take a left on Sylvan Ln then drive past Gonzales Hill Regional Park. Take a left on Denison Road and drive past the Gonzales Observatory. Find parking at the edge of Walbran park. There is only a small parking lot here. If it is full, then you can either find parking on the side of the road or back at Gonzales Hill Regional Park parking lot. Just make sure not to block the road or driveways of residents in the area as it is a small local road. The address for Google Maps is 120 Denison Rd, Victoria, BC.

How to get to Walbran Park lookout for a sunset in Victoria BC
Park your car at Walbran Park and walk to the viewpoint

Once you safely park your car, then walk along Denison Road until you see a small rock staircase on the right leading up to the Walbran Park Lookout. You will see a large platform at the top of the rocks. Follow the path towards that to see the best viewpoint in Victoria BC!

The best viewpoint in Victoria BC

Climb up the stairs and you will be graced with the finest view in the city! Take in Mount Baker to your left, the Olympic Mountains straight ahead of you casting their shadows over the Juan De Fuca Strait, the Sooke foothills to your right, and the top of Victoria's city skyline to the far right. You won't believe your eyes. Whale Watching boats make their final rounds heading back to the inner harbor, cruise ships slowly make their way across the ocean, and local beach walkers enjoy the last rays of light. Take a moment and breathe in the fresh air high above the city as the sun begins to fade.

Walbran park lookout for the best sunset in Victoria BC
View of iconic Mount Baker from Walbran Park Lookout

The best photo spot for sunset

There are many places within Walbran Park that warrant a photo. We took shots of nearly every angle. There is just so much beauty in this location, it's hard to pick a favorite. But one spot stood out to us in particular. If you walk down from the lookout platform and take a left, you will come across an outcropping of rocks with many points to sit or stand to take in the last remaining rays. With the sun setting over the Sooke foothills, we looked out over the city and surrounding bays. At this angle, there are 3 bays visible on your left, the mountains in the foreground with the setting sun dipping behind them, and the city to your right. There is no more magical place in Victoria to soak in the true West Coast beauty in this region!

Where to watch the sunset in Victoria
Best sunset view in Victoria

Sunset times in Victoria

There is not an exact art to when is best to watch the sunset. However, I have found that since living here, there are a few factors to think about to make sure you're hitting the sunset at the right moment and also making the most of it while you're there:

  • Has it been stormy or partly cloudy earlier that day? If so, good! The more broken clouds, the better as the sun will reflect on the bottom of those clouds to show dazzling colors of pink, red, purple, and/or orange as it goes down. On a clear day, the sun has nothing to reflect off of, making for a less spectacular sunset.

  • Even though you want scattered clouds, you still want good visibility. Especially in the direction that the sun is setting. If there are too many clouds in the distance towards the sun, the rays won't be able to break through and your canvas will be muddled or show no color at all. To check visibility, I like to visit The Weather Network for a quick check first.

  • On your iPhone, your weather app will show you the time the sun goes down. This indicates the time the sun actually completely disappears from view. So make sure to get to the sunset spot at least 20 minutes before "sunset" to see all the range of colors possible. For the best sunset times and predictions, I like to use

  • Stay until the end! Many people think that sunset ends when the sun disappears. This couldn't be further from the truth. Some of the best sunsets I have seen are when the "alpenglow" takes hold. This is when the real purple and spectacular darker colors can sometimes come to life. So once the sun goes down, do yourself a favor and stay for an extra 20 mins or so if you have time. It's worth it.

The best Sunset spot in Victoria offers views of the olympic mountains
Alpenglow over the Juan De Fuca Straight

Other top sunset spots in Victoria

As mentioned earlier, there are many other top sunset spots in Victoria as well. Once you've had a chance to visit the Walbran Park Lookout, make sure to check out the following spots in the area:


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