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We are Zac and Ine, an international travel couple from the U.S. and Belgium. We met in 2018 while studying abroad in Canada, the Netherlands, and Peru. This year of studying and traveling changed our lives. That's why we created World Wild Hearts in 2019 with the mission to inspire life-changing travel experiences just like we had.

With our website, we provide a one-stop destination for travel inspiration. We share advice on destinations, video guides, travel tips, fellow travelers' stories, and travel quotes. We hope that our content will inspire your next adventure of a lifetime!



No matter where our adventures take us, we always have our camera gear by our side. Our goal remains the same for every video: To help you live your next adventure to the fullest. From the culture of a small Mexican beach town to an epic hike in the Canadian Rockies, you will be inspired to do it and informed enough to make it happen. Check out our latest videos.

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Organize your trip with our comprehensive Travel Planner. This interactive PDF is easy-to-use and comes as an instant download. Includes 50+ pages. The planner takes you through 3 stages of your trip: The initial research, the preparation, and the debrief. Includes various sections for coordinating your trip, budgeting, checklists, monthly travel plans, and daily travel plans. Buy now and download it immediately after checkout. Confirmation email will also be sent with download link within 5 minutes.

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"Time flies. It's up to you to be the navigator" - Robert Orben


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