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8 Travel Brands that the Millennial Traveler will love to wear

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

With the rise of the digital age and dropshipping companies, it is nowadays easier than ever to start your own travel apparel brand. As a result, every day new travel brands are entering the market. However, with so much choice available online it often becomes overwhelming to find one you truly resonate with, fits your personal clothing taste, and also fits your travel style. With these factors in mind, we scanned through numerous travel brands and their apparel offerings.

In this article, we list 8 travel brands that you, as a Millennial Traveler, will love to wear on your next adventure. Each of them is unique in their travel designs, mission, and story. Whether this means giving back to the community, having colorful designs, focusing on a minimalist style, or purely about nature.

Besides, they are not your average multi-national travel brands like the North Face or Patagonia. On the contrary, they are independent brands that operate on a significantly smaller scale. They also focus more on style than on additional clothing features.

These are some of our favorite travel niche clothing brands to fuel your wanderlust and inspire your next adventure - and who knows, maybe even - wardrobe.

1. Nature Backs

Nature Backs is becoming an increasingly popular American travel brand that offers a mix of travel tees, sweatshirts, and accessories. However, the main focus is on their shirts and sweatshirts. All their travel designs are unisex, very colorful, and unique. These are primarily printed on the 'back' of the apparel, hence the name.

Nature Backs' mission is to inspire all to go outside and adventure. This mission is clearly put forward in their branding and on their social media channels, on which you can find tons of pictures of people wearing their clothes on their outdoor adventures. If you are an outdoor adventurer at heart, then this travel apparel brand might be for you!

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2. World Wild Hearts

Our own company, World Wild Hearts, is an upcoming travel inspiration and apparel brand. Our travel shop offers graphic travel tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, and accessories with travel inspiration quotes, taglines, words, and natural landscapes that call to your imagination and motivate new adventures.

What makes us truly unique is the fusion of apparel and inspirational content while giving back to the community. At our core, we want to inspire everyone to have life-changing travel experiences. This is because our own lives were changed so much after we met while studying abroad. To live by our mission, we donate 10% of our profits to FLYTE. FLYTE (The Foundation for Learning and Youth Travel Education) is a nonprofit organization that empowers students living in underserved communities through transformative travel experiences. They send underprivileged students to travel so they are encouraged to explore and develop their understanding of the world and foster a sense of possibility in them.

If you are a world traveler and outdoor adventurer, then World Wild Hearts' apparel might be for you! Even more so if you believe that traveling changes lives (and yours has changed because of it!). Wear our apparel and help others to explore the world too!

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3. Serengetee

Serengetee is another travel brand we love! Their travel shop has a wide variety of products, from graphic tees and sweatshirts to scratch maps, stickers, jewelry, and hats. They are primarily speaking to the female mainstream traveler. However, some of their products are unisex. Their travel designs are all very different from each other. While some are very colorful, others are more minimalistic.

What we especially admire about this travel brand is their mission and story. Serengetee purchases their fabrics from a variety of countries, supporting local artisans and their families. They also work to improve the lives in those communities by giving 10% of their profits back to grassroots causes. So if you are all about giving back to communities, then this travel brand might truly align with your values.

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4. Indy Brand Clothing

Indy Brand Clothing is another travel brand that the Millennial Traveler will love! It is a brand devoted to the wild at heart and to the journey. This is expressed in their clothing designs that often combine retro vinyl culture with rugged landscapes. With its vintage look, this travel brand is for the not-so-traditional traveler. It is for those who prefer the roads less traveled, in search of independence and unique experiences.

Indy Brand Clothing's mission is very simple: to provide a product that makes you feel good and free. That is achieved by their comfy and oversized sweatshirts and shirts.

A fun and unique feature of this travel brand is the option to join 'the club'. This means that for a set subscription fee, you get a new graphic tee every month at a discounted price! Are you joining?

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5. Wish You Were Northwest

A proud Northwest US Travel Brand! Wish You Were Northwest started out with two sisters who grew up just outside Seattle. Surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Pacific Northwest, their lust for exploring was amplified.

Their love for the PNW is expressed in the clothing designs with graphics and words that speak to the wild area that they call home. It is their way to invite people into their world... Even if you're not from the PNW!

This unique travel brand is for the nature lover and explorer. It is for those who like the mountains, culture, and landscapes similar to the PNW.

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6. Keep Nature Wild

Keep Nature Wild is a US-based travel brand with a strong mission to give back. After years of exploring the outdoors in Arizona, the founders of Keep Nature Wild felt responsible for protecting their area and community. They decided to build communities by picking up trash outside. For every product purchased, one pound of trash is physically picked up from the wild. This is made possible by hosting monthly cleanup events, their ambassador program, and the promotion of volunteerism on their social media. A beautiful initiative to give back to the areas we travelers enjoy so much!

Keep Nature Wild has a wide variety of products, from apparel to water bottles, blankets, and other accessories. Their designs are rather minimalistic with words or graphics related to the outdoors and nature. Their travel apparel is for the traveler who loves outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping.

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7. Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida Bracelets is a Costa Rican-inspired travel brand that sells hand-crafted bracelets in endless color combinations. These are made by local artisans from Costa Rica, India, El Salvador, and other underprivileged countries. By buying a bracelet, you support the artisan communities to have a better life.

This unique travel brand is for travelers that celebrate the simple things in life. “Pura Vida” describes the Costa Rican lifestyle, one that is all about enjoying the little pleasures, slowing things down, and to making the most of life.

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8. Sand Cloud

Sand Cloud is a worldwide sustainable and eco-friendly travel brand. Its mission is to protect the beaches by using sustainable materials and donating 10% of its profits to various marine conservation charities. Their best selling item is by far the beach towels, which are sand-resistant, ultra-absorbent, soft, and fashionable. The designs are colorful with stylish patterns and marine life graphics.

In addition to beach towels, Sand Cloud also sells other eco-friendly accessories, like clothing made from recycled materials, reef-safe sunscreen, reusable water bottles, and reusable metal straws.

This promising travel brand is perfect for the beach-loving travelers who care about our oceans!

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Which travel brand do you resonate with the most? Are there any other travel brands we've missed? Comment below!

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